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Gaming in the face of tragedy {Joystiq}

Apr 28th 2007 8:45PM Every time someone post the picture of that VT shooter, he smiles in his little hole in hell. That's EXACTLY what he wanted.

WoW Moviewatch: I Summon People Off Cliffs {WoW}

Apr 19th 2007 3:17PM First funny Wow Moviewatch in a long time. That was great.

Blowing on the DS sucks (or: the huff-and-puff games) {Joystiq}

Apr 11th 2007 2:23PM I don't know about other people, but after about 3 huffs and puffs I just give up. Makes playing Mario Kart in battle mode a bitch but honestly, its better then blowing on your DS for five minutes trying to get another baloon.

Anyone else notice that that feature works worse on the DS Lite than on the DS Phat?

Video Game Decency Act: saving the children, or one-way ticket to tyranny? {Joystiq}

Apr 9th 2007 3:39PM The Video Game Decency Act- also known as the "Because Parents Don't Want to be Responsible for their Children Act"

WoW Moviewatch: The reckoning bomb {WoW}

Apr 6th 2007 12:21PM I couldn't even understand what was going on, that movie was such bad quality. I just saw Kazzak die and that was it. Next time someone does something cool, make sure you use decent video capture software. Jeeze.

Mr. Bean game coming to PlayStation 2 {Joystiq}

Apr 6th 2007 12:12PM Woooooow.

I guess the Creativity Well ran out of ideas or something. Atleast they're not making this into an MMORPG.

Army: Gamers can "take this to the next level" with military service {Joystiq}

Apr 5th 2007 10:22PM I thought the point of playing video games was to kill things WITHOUT any potential threat to you. Also, if we're gonna go through stereotypes, gaming nerds aren't gonna be the best candidates for soldiers.

Today's throwbackiest video: Atari Pole Position commercial from the 80s {Joystiq}

Apr 4th 2007 12:18AM Jesus, that as the best commercial EVER.

"HEY! You look like a jerk!" is definately my new greeting.

Blue Notes: Shaman dispel poison and a web designer opening {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2007 8:27PM Man, first time I am applicable for a position from the qualifications asked for. Too bad I'm still under 18...