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The OverAchiever: Completing the Lunar Festival Achievements [Updated x2] {WoW}

Jan 24th 2009 11:24AM Didn't read through comments, so sorry if mentioned already...
but if you have an alt (or starting one):
FYI: You can port to Moonglade, wait on invitation cooldown...then port to another city (ie: easy way to get flightpaths without running)

Around Azeroth: Narcolepsy {WoW}

Nov 8th 2008 11:04AM What Raptor said.

Meet WoW Insider at the Wrath midnight launch {WoW}

Nov 4th 2008 5:09PM Found out the store I pre-ordered from just happened to be the Austin locale..woot!

System requirements posted for WotLK {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 3:02PM Don't fret G4 owners....I play on a Mac G4 Laptop, been in Beta for awhile and it plays just fine. If's gotten better as the beta's gone on as they've tweaked things.

Breakfast Topic: Alt-o-holics better at WoW? {WoW}

Apr 20th 2008 8:32AM For Pvp I think experience with other classes is huge. Knowing spell/skill rotations and what that enemy's going to throw at you (and how/when) can help a lot. As for Pve, you can master every caster class and then be lost when up close when playing a melee toon (or vice-versa). Player skill definitely has to factor into success in any facet of the game. I think it's a fine line between broadening your Wow experience...and spreading yourself too thin.

I spent how much on my alt? {WoW}

Feb 17th 2008 11:31AM never ends. My Hunter's still working on Epic Flyer..but I have 3 alts who are closing in on Epic land mounts.
Having 6 toons, 4 of which are mounted..the best money I ever "wasted" on an alt..was my little lv 6 Pally. He has all his bank slots...28 Mining bag, the rest 18 or 16 slotters. All my toons vendor trash/ah fodder goes to him. Nice to have one toon handle all the business, no more logging on to every toon trying to find that ever elusive item you swear you have....somewhere.

Win a super rare signed 300-Edition Xbox 360 Elite and 300 HD DVD! {Engadget}

Aug 4th 2007 12:29AM The setup scene with the Persian messenger. From the slo-mo arrival on the "this is Sparta" line.