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Shaman improvements from Blizzcon {WoW}

Aug 6th 2007 1:19AM 40% Melee Mitigation + 30% less damage = 58% mitigation every 2 minutes for 30 seconds.

25% Melee Mitigation + 65% less damage = 73% mitigation every 3 minutes for 8 seconds.

Why is this better then priests 41st point disc talent?

BlizzCon Day 2 Class Panel notes and Q&A {WoW}

Aug 5th 2007 1:15AM @3,

I'm sorry, but at least your "little stick" is going to ALWAYS give you mana. Shadowfiend misses like crazy, gets dodged/parried/blocked, get killed, or gets feared by warriors. I have used Shadowfiend and never recieved anything from it.

Priests have it FAR worse.

BlizzCon Day 2 Class Panel notes and Q&A {WoW}

Aug 4th 2007 7:57PM "Q: Holy Priests are now an off spec because the Shadow Priest is more valuable in raids and now hybrids are brought in to heal.
A: Holy Priests are still valuable for healing, though the Lightwell and other abilities are being looked at."
How can they be anything other then delusional? Yes, the amount healed per spell is still "good" but isn't the best. Priests have the worst mana regeneration ability and are inefficient overall compared to so-called "Hybrid" classes that can heal.

How is changing LoLWell supposed to change that?

Also, I havn't seen one Q about Holy priest PvP issues ... such as being reduced to a anti-paladin (mana burn/mass dispel) weapon rather then a healer.

Or how once a priest is enveloped they have no escape or method to deter/kill their attackers. So basically its dog pile on the gimp and wait for the free honor point.

Liveblogging the BlizzCon WoW Class Panel {WoW}

Aug 4th 2007 1:34AM I don't like this much. They make the statement that Paladins are the super efficient healers of WoW and make it sound as if priests aren't needed for anything in raids outside of being shadow.

1) Not only are paladins more efficient then priests, they can outheal them per spell. Please somoene read the Priest class description and then the paladins and tell me what's wrong with that picture.

2) Priests have huge drawbacks in survivability because they are supposed to be able to DPS as a caster ... yet if you go holy you have all +Healing gear which makes for less then paladin DPS overall.

3) Priests also have a drawback in their Healing/DPS duality because they both pull from the same power source (The mana bar) and often if a priest tries both they end up doing half of what they need to in either aspect.

4) Every defense the priest class has, outside of their cloth armor, is removable. Falling back on cloth armor is the worst MMO joke of all time for a so-called primary healer.