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Alts and alts and alts, oh my! {WoW}

Aug 4th 2007 2:04AM Ah altoholism. Mine started when my first character hit a wall (WoW was my first MMO, and I'm not a big gamer) so I rolled an alt to do something different, and familiar at the same time.

Although going through alts gets me frustrated when I realize I missed so much with my first character.

But now, the list:

1. 70 Rogue (Nelf) - the love of my life, my pride and joy... I may not be a raider, but I love my rogue. First character in my guild to hit 70 (approx 2 weeks after BC) and first (and currently, only) guildie with an epic flying mount.

2. 70 Mage (Draenei) - I love the Draenei women, so about a month after BC I made a mage, and it was practically non-stop until 70. Second 70 Draenei in my guild.

3. 70 Priest (Human) - Rolled specifically to be a backup healer. Small guild means we don't really have the numbers to get balanced groups on a whim, so I rolled a priest and leveled her with my fiance's tankadin. I enjoy healing, but I don't play my priest except to heal instances or work on professions.

4. 45 Hunter (Dwarf) - Rolled cause everyone had a dwarf hunter. Didn't play it for the longest time, as I'm a complete noob hunter, but I've recently picked it up again.

5. 41 Paladin (Draenei) - Leveled around the same time as my mage, only mage became more interesting, so miss pally was forgotten. Have not picked up again, but may in the future.

6. 33 Shaman (Draenei) - Never played a shaman before and wanted to try it. Had a hell of a time figuring out how to spec, finally respecced enhancement, and have been playing a little more recently.

7. 32 Hunter (Tauren) - Only play with a friends druid. Needless to say, has not been active for months.

8. 32 Rogue (Belf) - Again, I'm Alliance, so playing Hordies is usually sporadic.

9-30(ish). Bunch of various class/race combinations, rarely past level 15. Couple bank alts, twinks, but nothing serious. Just something to do when I'm bored.