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Breakfast Topic: What does that mean? {WoW}

Sep 8th 2007 10:42AM You can check for most of the abbreviations and slang words.

Healing is for the women {WoW}

Sep 29th 2006 7:53AM My first avatar was a female human mage. I leveled her to 27, if I remember well. The leveling was SO slow, because of me being a total noob at that time :) (she didn't even join any battleground). Then because my boyfriend started to play too I rolled a female night-elf rogue to play with him. I enjoyed playing with th rogue, started to care more about the items... My boyfriend had a hunter, night-elf too. He didn't like PVP, I did. Well, he didn't like many things I
do, and we had a short break at some point. I continued to play the rogue during the break and I leveled her to around 33... He didn't play the hunter during that time. When we made up, the difference of levels was too big, so we decided to make other avatars, on a PVP server this time (my idea). The plan was to play with these new avatars when I get bored of helping him level up. We rolled horde this time (I wanted this mostly because of the fact that, on the other server the horde always pwned us in battleground because of their team spirit) but I was not sure what class and race to choose. I was hesitating between warrior, priest... and warlock maybe. He was not sure either, but warrior was on his list too. He finally decided to go warrior, so I chose (or left with) the priest. Deciding the race was my call now. Obviously, after a short documentation (I
love search engines) I rolled undead.

:) I just loved playing with the priest from the first moments. My boyfriend stopped playing shortly after, then we broke up for good (no connection between these
two), so I leveled right from the lowest levels a holy priest all by myself :). I really enjoyed the leveling, which was very fast considering the talent build I chose and the fact that I pvp-ed a lot. It was a rather strange period of my life :) I had the graduation exams to take, the SCJP exam (I took them both with high
grades), I got promoted at work, I was after a brake up and rather instable emotionally and I still was always able to make time almost daily to play the priest and level her to 60. All these in like... three months. She never had problems with gold (no, I didn't use e-bay), she had both her mounts bought in the day she turned 40 and 60 and she always had expensive enchants. Because of things like these I got rather many whispers during the leveling asking if this char is my alt, some kind of twink :). She wasn't.
She played Strat, Scholo and both BRSs almost guildless (she was from mid 20s level in a small guild that disbanded shortly after she dinged 60). She is in a new but good guild now, that had MC as farming instance after like one month from the moment it was created.

But I stopped playing with her for like 3-4 weeks now. I am not sure why... maybe because of the fact that I don't like some of the guild members that much, but I like the others so I can't leave the guild. Or the fact that I MUST play the hours other people decide to raid and as long as they decide. Or the fact that it is not that fun anymore, that whiping costs more (and I am
not talking only about the cost in gold)... that it has turned into a serious thing. I tried to play the female mage after I stopped playing the priest (it was not a decision to stop, I simply didn't feel that logging her in game would bring me any joy), she is 30 now but... green gear and... Then I've started to level an alt I kept as bank on the first server (female night-elf
druid) to play with one of my colleague from work (there are 5 colleagues now that started playing because of me talking so much about the game). But I guess I won't play much with him, he has just started to play and... well, he is just so slow. I think I
will wait for the BC to be released, and make another avatar then. I am sure it will be a blood elf. Probably a she. Class... so far, unknown.(healer again maybe? :))

Well, all that amount of text above could have been summarized in "Yes, I am a girl and I play
a healer class" , but women are known as being able to complicate even the simpler things, don't they? :P

Breakfast Topic: The skills you miss {WoW}

Sep 22nd 2006 12:12PM Definetly the priest's Shield :)

Recipes Database Now Online {WoW}

Jun 7th 2006 3:17AM Well, the list might be usefull, indeed. But, as PodMonkeys said, it would be more usefull if it would permit filter and sort by different criteria.

Hm... I wonder why is Runed Copper Rod listed under cooking recipes

Breakfast Topic: First loves {WoW}

Apr 12th 2006 8:22AM My first was a female human mage. Why human? Well, just a n esthetical choice actually. I have played Lineage before Wow and it was hard to switch from my fairy looking-like mage there to anything else than human here. She is level 27 now, and I still take her out to a walk from time to time, when I begin to miss the mage play style (my main is a night elf rogue).

Breakfast Topic: Would you trade? {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2006 6:41AM I have started playing not long ago and I must admit that I selected the Alliance just because the characters look prettier. And recently I have entered in BG too. I find hard to believe that we are almost always (lets say around 8 in 10 times) loosing just because I am part of the team (well, I am not an experienced player yet :D). It is just an assumption, but I think that experienced players choose Horde side.