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WoW Insider's Cataclysm launch giveaway: Landros' Gift Box {WoW}

Dec 6th 2010 6:37PM thx for the mount
cya at 85

Insider Trader: Profession hints from the press event; no pony, no moose {WoW}

Jun 14th 2010 4:31PM The scribing changes will mean that most players will buy most, or all, of their class's glyphs. Since its useful to have all the options and switch when need/feel to.

So, if today we sell lots of glyphs to some 'constant re-glyphers', and few glyphs to most players, at 4.0 we will sell more glyphs then now per character. All and all, the amount of glyphs sold should be equivalent or higher.

Lets say that an average character buys about 24 glyphs (6 for each spec, with 2 full glyph switching). Comes Cata, the same char will buy about 30-40 (from the current 34 per class + some new middle tier glyphs).

By that calc, I believe we will not sell less glyphs, but possible (/drool) even more.

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

Mar 16th 2010 7:39AM a tiny mount for ma Tauran stud ftw

Raid Rx: Frustrations of 2-healing a 10-player raid {WoW}

Feb 26th 2010 7:07AM we 2 heal most of ICC now. Last week was the first time we 2 healed BQL (the most healing intensive fight in icc) and it was fun.
we have a shammi and a drood (me) and its a great combo. I think we actually 2 healed the first wing from the start.

The only fights we still need to use 3 healers are rotface, dreamwalker, sindragosa and the LK (on dreamwalker we used 4 healers this week for shits and giggles).

Forum post of the day: Heals and heels {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2008 7:37AM I have a resto drood who regularly heals in BG's. I just like to know that the faith of the battle can be on his wide Tauren shoulders(:
Personally, playing a rogue and a resto drood, I like healing bg's more, since its more satisfying to see a victory when my drood had a bigger part of it.

non healing specced players should heal only when there are not enough healers around them. Otherwise they don't have the spec and, probably, the UI to do it efficiently.
If you see that people around you die too much - try to help it a little - it will be in your best interest anyway.
You might also find it more motivational to know that healers gets the most HK's in bg's.

Encrypted Text: A Rogue's guide to battleground PvP {WoW}

Jul 31st 2008 5:10AM good advice.

use a second set of daggers with caster poisons - mind numbing/wound, and a macro switch when fighting a healing/caster class.

1st set is the crip/deadly poison combo. Useful for any PvP encounter.

"It wasn't me": Account sharing and excuses {WoW}

May 27th 2008 10:32AM When I got my first mongoose, the chanter got DCed and ninja the mats right after i passed them to him. He done the same to another toon who was right by me.

A couple of minutes after, the same char came back online and when I asked for my mats back she said it was a friend of hers who done it, on her account, and he mailed all the mats to his own char.

She asked me not to go to the GM's and promised to get us the mats back. Needless to say I wanted to rip her head off, so I had to settle for the lesser way and got it all to a GM - her toon's name, he friend's toon's name (by what she told me) etc.

After 5 minutes I got the mats and she got banned for a month. The ninja's toon was gone and presumably banned for good.

Ever since I wasn't very nice when I got the old excuse - "it was my cousin/bother/grandmom/dog on my account"

BTW, arseholes like that rogue should be executed just for the bad name they give the minority of good rogues on wow(:

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite part of HKO? {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 8:31AM No downtime for maintenance must be my fev feature.

Forum post of the day: Mage confessions {WoW}

Feb 24th 2008 9:04AM And that's why when we start AV and no mage has put up a table, i ask nicely in /bg chat not to heal or buff the mages.

Being a drood with a wanted buffs, and a resto one who top the healing charts, i would like to see you in game(:

... Oh, sorry, you probably are just an ally mage, nvm.

Breakfast Topic: Old school world PvP {WoW}

Jan 28th 2008 8:58AM on Sargeras (us) 2 raid parties approached IF when the eastern kingdom server crashed.
So they took their alts, and the word spread around, leading to 3 full raid groups which went to dance with the nelfs in Darnassus.

Huge lags and great fun time.
Definitely needs to be done again.

(I just wish I could see the rl face of the level 15 nelf who shared a boat ride with us, 20 level 65+ hordies.)