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Darkmoon Faire achievement progress reset yet again {WoW}

Mar 5th 2012 12:12PM And yet, on a positive note, I was able to collect the artifacts again and turn them in for tickets. When I go home today, I'll have enough for my Dancing Bear mount -- I already have the Tallstrider!

Heart of the Aspects mount now available for $25 {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 10:11PM You know, I half like it. I also half hate it.
It just bothers me.

It doesn't bother me because of how it looks (well, not completely..). It doesn't bother me that it's in the Blizz store.

The name bothers me. "Heart of the Aspects". It looks nothing "Aspect-y". Without seeing the dragon and only seeing the name, I'd assume it would be a drake that had the qualities of the aspects. Perhaps a drake that changed colors every so often (red, blue, bronze, and green...maybe even black!). Or just something.. like the aspects.

The other part is that.. it's chinese look. I think it's cool to have a "dragon" that's not like the other dragons.. but there's a time and a place for it. It's called "Mists of Pandaria".

The bottom line is what makes me dislike it. The name of this drake is about "this expansion" but it has a look for what to expect in the "next expansion". IMO, this is something that should have been sold with a different name... a month or 2 before MoP to get us excited for it.

Dev Watercooler: Ghostcrawler on class roles {WoW}

Feb 9th 2012 7:05AM I think the only way model 5 would work properly is if they added an additional role to the game. No, I'm not a troll.. but I did like Rift for a good period. I really enjoyed the "Support" spec. It was nice that every class could tank, heal, dps...and I think 3/4 could support. Obviously the talent trees are WAY different than WoW, but the idea of having a 4th role "support" isn't and shouldn't be totally wrong.

For those of you who don't know, a support class would be someone who is providing buffs to the raid/party and placing debuffs on the boss/targets. In some cases, it's just about buffs/debuffs. Some of it will be a mixture of DPS and healing.

Going back to Rift, I ~really~ enjoyed playing as Archon. DPS'ing to keep buffs and debuffs up was nice. It made everyone elses DPS increase, all while I was able to DPS too.

Also, there was the Bard who was healing and also providing buffs, and not so much DPS'ing. (At least, not as much as the Archon).

I haven't played in nearly 7 months though, so some of this may have changed.

Support roles would be really beneficial ESPECIALLY to the pure DPS classes. Having 2 DPS specs, and 1 support spec could mix things up a bit. This way, we aren't taking a Rogue and turning him into a healer. Although, a Warlock being a DPS-Healer (Stealing life from target and distributing it to the raid/single target wouldn't be an awful idea, either).

Model 5 could work, as long as new roles were given. A new role would REALLY, REALLY change things up in WoW. I know a lot of people really hate change.. but a 4th role may be just what's needed to make WoW a bit more interesting. My main is a mage and although I don't like the idea of tanking on my mage.. being someone that can provide consistent buffs and debuffs would be fun (for me at least).

The only problem would be: What do these 'supporters' provide? Would 1 be needed to fill 5 man dungeons? Would that make the queues longer? Shorter? How many needed in a 10, or 25 man? Whose buff/debuff is going to override someone else's?

If there won't be any really significant changes like that, than IMO, it's best to try and keep things as balanced as possible. It really is silly to be a pure DPS class and sometimes only have the ability to choose one. Sometimes another shines, but you are usually 1 specific spec per each raid tier.

IF... IF.. we are going to choose the model where we choose the spec that fits the mechanics of a boss fight, then I think we need to make changes to reforging and dual spec. IF Arcane is going to be the top single target, and Fire is going to continue to be a top AE spec... This is what's going to need to change: Fire and Arcane have different stats requirements. Arcane loves mastery, Fire is really good friends with both haste and crit. When I switch to Fire because it's a boss fight with tons of adds, I am now a mastery heavy fire mage. Not a horrible idea, but I won't shine unless I was reforged the right way. Since we aren't changing gear.. the way a Resto Shaman would do if they won't Enhance... We should be able to reforge our gear based on the spec we are in. All of my stats are in favor of mastery while in Arcane, so when I switch to Fire, the reforges I made while in Fire gear become active. This is really the only way for us to fill certain roles on the spot.

Even asking that Holy priest to go Shadow "for this next fight". He may not have a ton of Shadow gear, and all of that extra spirit is making him way over the hit cap. So, being able to switch his spec..and all of that extra spirit is reforged... makes this healer a better DPS for "this one fight".

A lot can change. I hope they make the right choices.

What the Raid Finder's success means for the future of accessible content {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2011 8:57AM And the thing is, you are absolutely correct about the second part. And we are not allowed to point that out. It's just generic "WELL ITS CASUAL" responses. I don't understand what "casual" and "being bad" have to do with each other, it gives the REAL casuals who have some sort of IQ a bad name. Not all of us stand in fire, and put strength gems on our Mages.

What the Raid Finder's success means for the future of accessible content {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2011 7:05AM Well, I am part of the demographic that the raid finder is aimed for. I appreciate it and overall do like it, but at the same time.. I am highly disappointed. I know I'll get flamed for it, but that's our community at it's finest.

The thing is, I am not a bad player. If I'm not in vent, I can read raid chat. When the raid leader says "stop dps on ___", I stop DPS. When the RL says "everyone on ____", I do that. When the RL says "everyone stand ___, when ____ happens". I do it. I see SO many people ignoring all of these things. I mean, I'm casual to the very definition.. but are some people "so casual" they can't understand following directions?

I don't have HOURS upon HOURS per day to invest in my toon(s), but guess what? I have always found small amounts of time to.. understand my toon. Maybe I won't top the DPS charts, but I'm going to be in the ballpark like everyone else. I understand the importance of gems and enchants and I understand there are cheaper versions, if I can't afford the "full" version. The cheaper is better than none. I also understand the importance of our talent trees and "how" to look up a proper role to play. Even if it's not the "ideal" spec, I at least try. It comes off that "people are so casual, they can't even try".

But I can live with all of this.

What truly bugs me is that, it's a raid. Raids, for the most part, take some and it takes time to progress. Where sitting on the first boss for 3 hours getting no where is never fun, there's a feeling of accomplishment when you come back next week..try it..and down it. It was nice to down all 8 bosses within 2 weeks of it going live, but I felt no "accomplishment". Within the first 3 weeks of this patch, I was able to down Deathwing on 4 out of 5 toons. I just feel cheap, or cheated.

IMO, this LFR is robbing us from a raiding experience. When it came to "raiding", you are expected to try. Bring your A game. Now I get that the point is to make it easier, and I am very much 10000% for that! But just asking our community to.. bring a flask or 2 for themselves, gem their slots, enchant their gear, understand their toon, and understand the basics of don't stand here and please DPS skull... seems to be "too much".

The other bad thing about it, is that.............I'm already bored :( Yeah my gear is transmogged and yeah I had fun at the DMF and will enjoy it again in a few weeks, but I really don't know what else to do between now and the next patch OR MoP.

I kinda feel like our community wants to pay $15 a month to play less. If this is what people want, then hey that's fine with me. I too don't have all of the time in the world to dedicate to a PC game. There are other things beyond the world of warcraft; I get that. But there's a way to make things "easy" instead of "insulting our community intelligence". But based on the comments, it seems what people want. Like the person a few posts above was so excited to down all the bosses...even though he or she only gets like 5 FPS... which means he/she probably spent 8 bosses dying and watching others kill the boss :-|

I guess I'm ready for my down ratings now.
Have a nice a day, everyone.

Breakfast Topic: Would the Raid Finder difficulty approach work for 5-man instances? {WoW}

Dec 17th 2011 4:32PM To me, it's really sad that we (as a community) base "difficulty" on how easy it is for others to be carried.
For example: In LFR at the moment, with 25 people you really only need about 10-12 people who know what they are doing and can "read" when something is said in raid chat. This gives the 13-15 other people an easy ride to do what they can, and if they fail they still win. This, in turn, makes LFR what's called "easy". It's easy, because it's designed for 10-12 people to complete with the help of 13-15 others.

When we speak about the Zandalari dungeons, they are very much considered "hard". The only reason they are considered hard is simply because all 5 people are required to pull their weight. Yes, all 5 out of 5 are responsible for doing tasks such as:
1) Not standing in this, or that.
2) Clicking on the appropriate cauldron.
3) Actually attacking cats, instead of the boss.
4) Killing spirits, before they kill the healer.
5) Being near a chain when a berserker leaps at you.
Bonus Point: Being able to click on your "interrupt" button.

It saddens me, because the common content (dungeon heroics + normal raids) are not actually "hard" mechanically, they are "hard" simply because you need 9 or 24 others on the same page.

I'll get voted down quickly because I'm speaking the truth. :(


In MoP, I hope there's something for everyone. I have a hard time finding time to raid because getting 9 others on at the same time seems to be a hard task. LFR, in general, is what's for me. But I'm currently disliking how faceroll it is. I want something that I can queue with people -- BUT-- be able to WORK with people. I understand THAT'S what raiding is, not just queuing up to be carried (or carrying others).

Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Number of bosses, and an attitude that needs to sit in the corner {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 7:05AM I don't know what's changed since Wrath..and MAYBE.. MAYBE it's just my server, but finding pug groups is just really hard these days. My guild only had 1 10 man team for FL, but I have a few alts that I wanted to play with. I'd see it being spammed, but "MUST HAVE ACHIEVEMENT ON TOON YOU WANT TO BRING".. so despite that I could be 7/7 on my main, I couldn't bring another toon... which is just silly... especially after the nerfs, too.

So with that being said, I am thankful for the LFR. It's nice that, yes, I can still work on a ten man team and down the content...but when I feel that my priest or my hunter needs some gear, I can just queue for it.

..and with THAT being said, I just... ugh. I mean... the general "negative" attitude about LFR is right.. it shouldn't be this dumbed down. It kinda insults the intelligence of people. Why do people truly just want to stand there and hit buttons.. ignoring mechanics? Mechanics are what make raids. I can't believe last night when I downed Deathwing on LFR... on that last phase we were told ignore ALL adds and just burn down Deathwing. And we won.

I'm fine with their being 3 difficulties. I'm fine with the easier difficulties being more forgiving. I'm fine with normal mode being "Kill these 4 adds, then ____!"... and in LFR it's "Kill these 2 adds, then ____!". But why make it, so you can just... spam? Do people just not want to cooperate? While in the DW fight.. yes, we did have a pretty solid group... and we were told exactly what to burn down when they came out. Yet, as everyone is DPSing ____, there were still a bunch (like 7 or 8 people burning down DW). This should have been a problem, but it wasn't.

I just feel that the LFR is going to end up creating another monster, another weird "entitlement" attitude that the player base have. I mean, are we wrong to complain IF or WHEN they actually nerf DS LFR? Perhaps we should have gotten LFR with The Firelands instead. This way, DS could have been tuned correctly. Making it so 25 strangers can work together and have a good chance of downing the content, but also making certain specifics mechanics punishable -- they way "raids" work. They didn't give people "raid access". They just have people a 25 man random heroic dungeon.

I am no means a hardcore player. When it comes to raids, we just do normal. We MIGHT make some heroic attempts, but ehh.. not a priority. I also don't think I am a superb player, either. BUT.. I never truly understand what "makes something hard" in this game. I find that getting 9 or 24 people on the same page the hardest part of the game. For example, that fight on the air ship (forget his name.. that Tauren guy...)... you need to stack in the giant purple swirl to mitigate damage. Why were so many people ignoring this? I can understand "I am casual", but how can you say "i am casual" and not understand when someone says "When you see the giant purple swirl, stand in it".. How is that "hard" or "hardcore" or "demanding a lot"? We only had like 6 out of 25 people stand in it, mitigate the damage...and we were fine. With 25 people, this should have killed us. I would love for someone to explain how asking people to stand in a swirl is hard, or "not for the casuals".

I guess I'm happy with it. But, Deathwing destroyed our world and is a huge threat. I mean, 4x during the fight he is about to destroy the world.. LOL... and it just didn't feel like I accomplished much. Hopefully normal is a little more rewarding.

WoW subscriber numbers down to 10.3 million players {WoW}

Nov 9th 2011 6:54AM I think we are forgetting one thing. There are people who left, and then came back. When they came back, other people left. I'm one of those people. Earlier this year I just needed a break from this game. It was becoming frustrating to play heroics in a PUG because people's inability to listen and pay attention >_

WoW Annual Pass expands to include more countries {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2011 6:50AM Ugh, I already see the vast amount of complaints coming to the forum QQ'ing about "how Blizzard stole money from them". There will be sad stories about how they are unemployed, mom got abducted by aliens, spouse got a sex change and then died in a fire, etc etc etc.

This is like a cell phone contract.

"HEY sign a 2 year contract and get the iPhone for FREE!!!"

"HEY sign a 12 month contract, get DIABLO III for free, get a new pony, AND get access to MoP Beta!"

You want those 3 things? Fantastic. Me too. I understand between now and next October anything can happen..and $15 could be hard to come by... but I signed a contract.. so, I can't complain when they charge me during a month that I can't afford it... nor can I complain if I stop paying and I lose access to Diablo III.

What's fair is fair.

People keep in mind: This may very well be an issue that can be sent to collections. I am not 100% sure if this could be an issue on your credit score, as we don't provide our SSN, but if you sign up to say "Im going to give you money for the next 12 months".. your legally required to do so.

To be honest, the sob stories will be kinda funny..

Breakfast Topic: Who should play your character in the WoW movie? {WoW}

Oct 27th 2011 10:20AM Tina Turner.
Check out my character, Cinnamon @ Aerie Peak.