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Totem Talk: Onnix's Ultimate Casual Hardcore Guide to Shaman Resto Talents {WoW}

Aug 5th 2007 1:20PM This is also the first time I've posted, because this is the worst "Guide" I've ever seen.

First of all this is assuming you are at least in Karazhan.

First of all, Improved Reincarnate and Ancestral Healing are two of the best talents you can get. It's not the cooldown reduction, it's the health and mana boost when you pop up. There are so many times when you get killed during a boss fight and that extra mana from ahnking makes a big difference.

Ancestral Healing is amazing. No non-druid tank is going to be above 35k armor raid buffed, and this is a very nice boost on bosses that hit like a truck.

Tidal Mastery is 5% crit for your heals, there is NO reason to skip over it if you're serious about healing.

Healing Way is the single biggest HPM boost in the game... It has nothing to do with crit, it's 3 casts and 18% more healing for healing wave. You can downrank to around rank 7 and watch this talent shine. If it's about to expire toss a rank 2 to renew the duration, and NS max rank if something goes wrong.


Focused Mind has some uses, mainly if you're trying to down Gruul for the first time.

Nature's Blessing is another amazing talent; it adds plus heal not just plus damage. Raid buffed it will ad 250 +heal at least, for 3 talent points.

Earth Shield is always about 10:1 HPM, making it one of the most mana efficient abilities in the game. The ONLY downside of ES is that it doesn't count the heals on your meter :P

"6. Stat priority for a level 70 shaman considering gear should be MP5, +heal, Int, then stamina."

No, not really. You want to balance mp5, +heal and int, and if anything stack int. 3 int gives you 1 +heal, and most importantly MANA TIDE SCALES WITH INT! The more mana you have the more you gain back from mana tide. Stacking MP5 will not equal out the mana you lose on mana tide from skimping on intellect. BALANCE your stats if you're a resto shaman, and if anything go Int, MP5, +heal.

11k mana 100mp5 and 1500 +heal is something to shoot for.