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Totem Talk: Onnix's Ultimate Casual Hardcore Guide to Shaman Resto Talents {WoW}

Aug 5th 2007 6:31PM Woah, that is some horrible advice on some talents. The most ridiculous comment however is the following:

"Nature's Swiftness: unnecessary crutch. you don't "have to" take this. You'll be a better healer if you don't rely on it."

Yeah, right.

Obviously one should not rely on it. But not taking this as a Resto Shaman for one single freakin' talent point is just outright stupid. Even if you are the best healer in the world - other people WILL screw up. A tank forgetting Shield Block and getting a sudden crushing blow, Prince when your tank is not equipped that well, Warlocks not fearing/banishing Magtheridon Adds quick enough so that you get pounded on as well as your tank.. just ns-heal yourself/the tank and regularly heal the other one .. or being focused in pvp .. there are so many situations where NS may be your savior.

This is a spec i would recommend for raiding:

I think that threat reduction is not really necessary for raiding. In crappy instance groups it's nice but once you're past that stage it's not that important i guess. Improved Reincarnation is nice to have if you screw up and die in a boss fight (or someone else screws up ;) ) .. ankh+mana potion (preferably with alchemists stone)+mana tide and you're as good as new).
Focused Mind will be buffed to 30% in the new patch and .. well, it's a nice thing to have. Not too important though. One might go for 8/0/53 to get Elemental Warding and skip this + Ancestral Knowledge.

For farming i'd simply suggest getting Herbalism. Getting my fast flying mount was not that difficult. Had lots of money from leveling and having all the crappy greens disenchanted, borrowed the rest from a friend, bought the mount and just farmed herbs for a couple of hours. Depends on your server though. For Dailies Resto is fine since you hardly have to kill any mobs (except for Netherwing but their Dailies suck anyways)

And another point ;) .. i don't consider Int to be that important. Sure it does scale with manatide but you only get manatide every 5 minutes. mp5 works all the time. I think a good balance of +heal:mp5 is at around roughly 10:1, obviously depending on the fight. Int will come naturally as your gear gets better. For long encounters, mp5 is king. If you are willing to consume a lot of bufffood and consumables, mp5 is a lot easier to get with that. Flask + Mana Oil + Fish is 47 mp5 or so which is huge in a long fight.

Just my 2 cents :)