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Engadget's recession antidote: win an OWI Robotic Arm Edge! {Engadget}

Jul 19th 2009 4:27AM Robotic Arm. I want one.

Watch this King of Fighters XII footage and pretend you're winning {Joystiq}

May 22nd 2009 12:48AM Its KoF, so instead of 1v1 you have 3v3. Notice that Elisabeth Blanctorches team has already lost 2 fighters to Joe's one; this is round 4, he's already fought a round and taken some damage.

Nintendo chooses to announce Pokemon Gold and Silver remakes {Joystiq}

May 8th 2009 5:16AM Nintendo, throughout the history of Pokemon, has a very common predictable time line for releases. It's usually a late summer, early fall Japanese release followed by a 9 month delay for an American release. So April/March of next year, we can probably expect this.

Engadget's recession antidote: win a 1.5TB Drobo! {Engadget}

Mar 24th 2009 3:01PM This would be great for stocking up in IP infringements!
World Economy Fix = Legalization! Legalization! Legalization!

Totem Talk: PTR Roundup {WoW}

Feb 26th 2009 4:56PM My problem with the changes, besides the further complicating of totems to drop...they're trying to force us to use Frostbrand weapon over windfury. To even get the semi-usable anti-kite you need to drop Frostbrand on your mainhand, and second this does nothing to help us against classes that aren't trying to kite ie: warriors/rogues/pallies/DKs. I don't know if 10% more health and a shield that we drop at the expense of being feared and slowing your opponent are really gonna fill that problem and help us with PVP viability.

Blood Elf vs. Draenei diorama giveaway {WoW}

Feb 10th 2009 9:22PM Pretty Horde vs Space cows = epic?

Wrath 101: Heirloom items and how to get them {WoW}

Nov 25th 2008 12:54AM I'm a little pissed that all the 1h's are swords, I was hoping to level my enhance shaman and was planning on buying two BOA weapons (found out it would have been one anyways since they are all main hand only) but they only weapons available for 1h slot are swords, both the pvp and the pve. The Pve 2h is fine and dandy except its really not as well itemized for a enhance shaman, not too mention I would much rather have a 1h. The pvp 2h is once a again a sword... So wheres the variation? Pretty lame in my opinion.

NASCAR driver tries video game move, fails {Joystiq}

Sep 29th 2008 3:06PM I can has friction now?

Joyswag: Five copies of Devil May Cry 4 (on your platform of choice) {Joystiq}

Feb 19th 2008 4:23PM PS3. Weeaboos and their moonspeak. All look the same.

Joyswag: Win a brand-new Darth Vader PSP-2000 (Day 5) {Joystiq}

Oct 13th 2007 5:21AM Needs me more copies.