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WoW Insider contest: Enter to win a custom art badge for BlizzCon {WoW}

Sep 8th 2008 1:01PM Unlikely on a new MMO, WoW is going to strong imo

Authenticator failure revisited, Blizzard responds {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 3:11PM 1) Woo at censorship of comments on wowinsider.
2) According to the company who makes these keys, the serial number corresponds to a RSA private key in a database only accessible from Blizzard and the Company who makes them.

Chances that this 'hacker' got that database are about the same liklihood that he hitup NSA as well.

(the company that makes Blizzard keys, also makes them for several hiprofile company / goverment agencies)

Authenticator failure revisited, Blizzard responds {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 2:43PM Some clarity to my comment:

1) Serial nubmer is a single number affixed to the key fab. It is asked for when attaching it to an account (to identify which fab you have).

2) This is not the generatred number that the fab creates

Authenticator failure revisited, Blizzard responds {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 2:41PM Please read the entire thread when making posts like this. The rediculous bias by Wowinsider is getting sickening these days:
"Belfaire: This is a very, very zig-zaggy "compromise". Pieces are falling into place with my investigation but I think it's pretty safe to say that Blizzard's security nor the security of the Authenticator are at fault. "

Person probably had a keylogger on his computer when he was first registering the fab, and the hacker got the serial number.

Or it isn't a hack at all, and it's the owners friend. (Yay double of everything on the account).

Stop jumping to conclusions that the Authenticator got "Hacked". Any knowledge on how the authenticator works would prove this to be near impossible. (nor worth anyone's time)

G15 Tanking {WoW}

Mar 8th 2008 3:13PM This is blatently against the TOS.

You are using HARDWARE to automate ingame functions.
You do this in several areas,
"Stance Dance"

You can and will get banned for doing somethign like this. It is very easy to detect due to the predictible MS timing on the 'wait' between key presses.

I would advise removing this blog item, and considering changing your tactics as people have already gotten banned for doing exactly what you're doing.

Two players take on Karazhan {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 9:58PM Really? I didn't think anyone has yet :) Love to see vids of them doing Oz / Moress with 2 tanks and one healer, or 1 tank and 2 healers (depending on the spec of the druid).

/curious :)

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 6th 2007 12:25PM I got two :)
"Ok I said get AWAY from each other for the ground slam, not ALL RUN TO THE TANK.... /facepalm"

"Ohh ho ho, I'll give you a bombing run, oh yes..."