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The surreal concept of neutrality in Warcraft {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2012 1:56AM I just wonder how these neutral factions communicate?!?

It must take FOREVER to emote orders down the ranks within the neutral factions. It's no wonder they never get anything done and always have to ask players to help out.

Today in Pandaria: Friday, Oct. 28, 2011 -- Zarhym uses Gandalf. Zarhym wins. {WoW}

Oct 29th 2011 8:11AM /begin Trolololololllloooollll
While I understand some peoples desire for balance in a game, this is World of WARcraft and war isn't always balanced. The Horde are clearly superior.

Besides, who cares if the Alliance are all but wiped out?!?

/end Trolololololllloooollll


Today in WoW: Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011 {WoW}

Sep 2nd 2011 12:26AM @Drakkenfyre: I'm actually more surprised that you think that every employee of Blizzard plays WoW. I'm sure there's plenty of people at the company who don't play games at all. Just because you work at a video game company doesn't mean you're a video game player. Where I work we've got plenty of Project Managers, HR (no surprise) and even Artists that are really good at their job, but don't play video games. Granted, you'd expect at least one person in that web team to play (or to have played in the past), but it's typically not a job requirement to play your own games (except during company playtests - if you can tear the artists away from making art!)

The Lawbringer: WoW's immune system and the gold selling virus {WoW}

Aug 21st 2011 11:49PM @Luke, I hate to disagree with you, but @Kelly is correct. It can happen and does happen occasionally. I was banned because I had my AH Alt (who made his fortune selling cooking recipes) purchase the Reins of the Deathcharger from someone (who was level 80 with all ICC Heroic gear) for 55k, in a face to face trade. I mailed the Reins of the Deathcharger directly to my main, then learned it and pranced around Dalaran on it. I went to bed after that and the next morning when I went to play, I was banned, citing Abusing the Economy. I wrote Blizzard support an email, stating all that had happened and begging them to re-instate my account. After a review of the transactions and seeing that I had learned the Reins (not resold them, I guess. It was a specific point the GM made, that I had actually used them), the Blizzard GM re-instated my account and apologized that the auto-ban filter caught me for low level (my level 2 AH alt) trading a large sum of gold.

So yes, it can and does happen. Admittedly, I don't actually know how the person I got the Reins from acquired them, it is a possibility that they were gotten through a means against the ToS, but I have no idea. You do need to be careful of how much you transfer between characters, especially those not on the same account. I think Blizzard GMs do a fantastic job and re-instate accounts that have not been doing things against the ToS, however if you want to avoid the 24-48 hours waiting for a re-instatement of your account, be careful how much gold you transfer at a time. ;)

Addon Spotlight: Making the most of macros with MacroBank {WoW}

Jul 15th 2011 1:12AM The old way also didn't actually "Save" the macro until you logged out. It's extremely frustrating to work on your macros, get them all setup just they way you want them, then get disconnected, losing all that work because you didn't log out properly. Or to combat random disconnects, after every change, log out & log back in just to save the macro's to the server. This is a small quality of life changer, but it is appreciated!

Gold Capped: How to reach the gold cap {WoW}

Jun 17th 2011 9:05AM Gratz Fox! I gotta ask, why didn't you turn those darkfallow into glyphs? Over the course of any given month I make many times over the amount of gold in glyphs as I do in darkmoon cards, regardless of how far into cata we've come. However, the caveat to that is, glyph making takes a TON of time, good thing I now enjoy AH PvP more than the rest of the game. ;) Was the time sink the reason you didn't make glyphs?

Breakfast Topic: Would you list WoW leadership on your real-life resume? {WoW}

May 7th 2011 11:39PM I'm not sure what video game companies you're working for, but when I'm the hiring manager and reviewing resume's for the video game companies I've been in, I like a few lines about what games they are playing. Of course, it helps 100% if they play some games that are related to the games you make. Seeing that an applicant has good skills / experience (normal resume stuff) in addition to an understanding of the genre & competition is useful. I've interviewed too many people who have great skills/experience (again, normal resume stuff) but turns out have no clue about the genre and/or don't even enjoy video games. Of course, some of this is dependent on the position you are hiring for. ;)

Officers' Quarters: Mailbox roundup 3 -- guild leadership {WoW}

Feb 8th 2011 12:10AM ^^ THIS. When I started raid leading for our guild I noticed my DPS drop 2k. Trying to watch where everyone is, figure out why people are dying, keep my rotation up, dodge fire, etc. was just too much for me to handle by myself. I asked a couple of our other veteran raiders to help me out by calling out things in vent, like even timers. Just having 2 other guildies handle this one aspect of raids brought my DPS back up to normal.

All your veteran raiders should be handling something, to take some stress off the raid leader. Having a healing channel with a healing lead can be extremely useful for healers to work out healing assignments without the raid leader spending time on it. One (or two) raiders calling out events (even with DBM it helps to have a human reminding you). All of this help makes for a happy raid leader, and who doesn't like a happy raid leader? :)

No idea if your guild leader is also your raid leader, but even if not, he might be spending too much time focusing on other issues where someone can take the burden off and he can concentrate on his rotations.

12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway Day 12: PNY 128GB SSD harddrive {WoW}

Jan 2nd 2011 10:54AM Now this is something I'd like to win! :D