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Forum post of the day: Moving moments {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 12:10AM As far as AV goes...

Don't forget to mention that the FWGY is pretty far away from the Horde towers, and someone trying to cap FWGY only has to deal with the 4 defenders.

As horde, you have to not only deal with the 4 defenders, but if you step a tad too far east of the AS flag, you'll be in range of the bunker archers, as well as close enough to aggro the blacksmith NPC and gang.

As far as Warlocks and fear goes...
@11 Saying that fear only works if your opponent's abilities or trinkets are on cooldown is a bunch of BS, cause in PvP you can expect people to have a trinket, which will get you out of one fear, but you can still cast two more. Even forsaken, who have WotF, still only have two means of escaping fear and you still have a third one. Which you can still chain off a Death Coil.

Even if you don't have a "viable" means of escape, locks can take quite a beating, as I've ganged up on a warlock with a fury warrior (I'm a rogue) and despite both of us beating on him continuously, it still took us quite a while to kill him, and he killed the warrior long before I finished him off.

@14 Fear and seduction being on the same diminishing returns was a nerf to both, but if you think about it otherwise you'd be able to chain three fears, then three seductions, then three fears... Kind of OP'd compared to everyone else's CC's.

If all CC's are getting nerfed down to 8 sec. you can't complain about rogues' CC's. They get cheap shot which doesn't last near that long, they get blind, which they can use once, pretty much. And they get kidney shot, but they need to build up the 5 combo points for that. It takes skill for a rogue to keep a single enemy controlled. It doesn't take much skill as a lock to fear and dot several opponents at the same time.

And I LOLed at the comment about CC being the "least stable" of all CC's. Who cares how erratic they're moving? You're a lock, you don't need LOS to DoT your targets up enough to kill them three times over. But I can sympathize with your frustrations... I hate it when I blind an opponent and he somehow manages to always turn around when I'm trying to get behind him for a backstab. :)

Scattered Shots: Sting operations {WoW}

Jul 10th 2008 11:38PM Serpent Sting - Also useful in PvP when fighting against rogues, since it is a damage DoT and will pop them out of stealth/vanish if their Cloak of Shadows is on cool down.

Wyvern Sting - In PvP also keep in mind that Forsaken can break it with the Will of the Forsaken racial.

Patch 2.3 will ruin the game and destroy Azeroth {WoW}

Nov 13th 2007 3:27AM @50 "I'd much prefer if they got it right the first time or left it the way it was. And yes I know designing a game is hard and whatever but guess what- lots of things are hard, it's not an excuse."

Designing a game is hard, but designing a well balanced game is EXTREMELY hard. Take a look at any games out there that offer player vs. player.

In a game as complex as World of Warcraft, where there are nine different classes with three sets of skills that players can more or less freely choose from to further customize those classes, and the countless amount of gear to choose from, it becomes a nightmarish level of complexity to "balance" the game.

This is especially true in a dynamically changing environment such as an MMO. We should be lucky that the developers are constantly trying to "tweak" the game, a luxury that most games don't have due to their "what you get in the box is what you're stuck with" nature.

Every time they add new content to the game, it threatens the balance. Look at what happened (and is happening) to all the classes once the level cap was raised and Arena was introduced. NOT tweaking the game at this point would have been easy, but it would have been wrong.

It's official: 2.3 set for the 13th {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 11:43PM Sweet! I'm glad I stuck with my subtlety rogue. Can't wait to see my tree buffed and try it out in BGs!

Guild bank prices lower, still ain't cheap {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 2:42PM Mule guilds is exactly what they were hoping to avoid by raising the cost for guild banks at the lower end. Why pay thousands of gold when you can make a mule guild and throw down another 111g for three more tabs?

Diminishing returns on silencing effects repealed {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 12:52AM I don't play a shaman, but simply looking at the class from a distance I can tell that it's broken. After all, all other classes have specific roles (for the most part) and have spells, skills, talents, and abilities that help them perform those roles. The most obvious examples are melee classes such as warriors and rogues who have means of stunning their opponents to keep them in melee range, or range classes like hunters and warlocks who have skills that allow them to escape from melee or push their enemies away so that they can get back to long range where their class does the most good.
What does an enhancement shaman have that helps to keep his foes in melee range or that gets them into melee range with enemies that are far away? Stuns? Charges? Intercepts? Nope.
All other classes have been given so many improvements in CC that it makes you wonder what's special about a rogue's stun locks when warriors and pallies are stunning their opponents just as well and they get to wear plate, to boot.
The shaman class has been woefully neglected in this respect, and everyone knows that once you CC a shaman, there's aught they can do about it.
They have their interrupts, which sort of help make up for this IF they can interrupt those CC spells coming. But if earthshock gets nerfed as a side effect of other silencing abilities getting nerfed, it's severly and negatively impacting the shamans who are already in dire straits about their situation in pvp.
Did they whine and abuse the forums? Maybe. But maybe Blizzard wasn't thinking about earthshock when they decided to implement diminishing returns to silencing abilities until the people spoke up. ("What? We forgot about shamen? Again?") Instead of putting through the change which may not have been as well thought out as they believed, they did the right thing and retracted DR on silences so that they can publish 2.3 on time and revisit DR on silences in the future and take the time to not overlook little details that have big impacts.

Guild bank prices lower, still ain't cheap {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 12:20AM @20
Cutting off trial accounts would be equivalent to Blizzard shooting themselves in the foot. Why would they want to make it harder for new people to join their game?
Gold sellers are not the money makers for Blizzard that you think they are. THEY'RE making this money, NOT Blizzard. If they're using free trial accounts, then they're not seeing any money. And if people are buying gold with real money, they're spending less time playing the game to farm that money.
I'm not sure about the actual impact on the economy of the game is, but it isn't making Blizzard any more money. On the contrary, Blizzard has to spend resources tracking down and closing these accounts and implementing new ways to prevent them from doing business. Or do you think the changes to sending money via mail changed on its own? Or the fact that new characters can't send private messages to others without consent? Or that handy little "report spam" feature that got implemented into general chat?

Fear and how to fix it {WoW}

Aug 24th 2007 8:46PM My main characters are a hunter and a rogue. I hate warlocks.

That aside, before you start trying to nerf fear, think about the repercussions to the warlock. Fear is the lock's main game mechanic that allows him to keep enemies at bay while setting them up for damage.

What people hate is not being able to do anything about it. Sure, there are trinkets and WotF, but these are all things that have long cooldowns, whereas Fear can be cast and recast until successful, followed by the push of a macro that stacks DoTs like a Shaggy sandwich.

The problem lies in how easy it is for the warlock to lay on the DoT sandwich on his feared opponent. There is the difference between a warlock DoTing a feared opponent and a Rogue stunlocking his opponent. Also, there is a world of difference between Fear and a Mage's polymorph, first and foremost breaking after any damage. Regen is negligible, and if applied to a feared opponent, would defeat the purpose of being able to DoT a feared opponent. I think perhaps the AMOUNT of damage might be a bit on the high side. Even if you manage to kill the Warlock, you might still die 10 seconds later.

As for PvE... Why would you ever fear? Tank with your voidwalker and DoT from safety. Tanking won't work with PvP, but you can lock someone as good as a polymorph with your succubus (so don't ask for a polymorph! :P ) Oh, and the difference between a stunlock and fear is that if you're trying to stunlock a warlock, all you have to do is mess up once and with the clicking of three buttons the warlock can win the battle. Deathcoil, Fear, DoT macro...

Don't blindly nerf fear, think about what other areas a warlock is having problems in so that it seems that fear is so overpowered.

Why do hunters have a dead zone? {WoW}

Aug 7th 2007 7:42PM Hunters are versatile enough as it is. If you're so worried about a dead zone, get scattershot. Don't complain if you don't want to do a marksman build, cause you have other tricks in the other builds. Even if you don't have scattershot, you can at least volley someone in your so called dead zone, to at least slow down those pesky mages who have supposedly frozen you and your pet. If you're so worried about it, get engineering and make yourself something you can use in the dead zone.

My main is a hunter, and I don't think this dead zone is as crippling as you all make it out to be. If anything, I'm wondering why they made traps usable in combat, yet rogues still have to be out of combat to disarm them. How about at least a casting time for setting traps?