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New ArcheAge video shows off combat moves, giant mobs {Massively}

Nov 7th 2011 6:13AM i guess this is an other hyped mmo, like any others...

Aion 3.0 trailer details housing, new dungeons, and more {Massively}

Nov 5th 2011 6:01PM aion going downhill since release :/ had such a potential

Go go Power Rangers Online! For real! {Massively}

Oct 31st 2011 5:57AM Mystic force series?! whats that, not even interesting. side scroller eeewwww

New Darkfall video shows off redesigned Sandbrook {Massively}

Aug 6th 2011 7:37AM am i the only one , who sees issues with v-sync and choppy FPS.

World of Warcraft subscriptions continue a downward trend {Massively}

Aug 4th 2011 10:53AM expansions take way too long to make, even with such a big money behind, they should start making the game more interesting, instead of putting it all in their pockets, might help. if not, i see wow in 3-5 years dead.

SOE Fan Faire 2011: The future of Clone Wars Adventures with Senior Producer Todd Carson {Massively}

Jul 10th 2011 6:58AM And the milking begins, cant they just focus on 1 game and make it actually good, why do all game company's fall so low!

CCP addresses EVE controversies in new dev blog {Massively}

Jun 25th 2011 1:55AM i think they just broke their own game, and nothing will fix it again

EVE Online server offline due to DDOS attack {Massively}

Jun 15th 2011 9:28AM Boom HEadshot* target down!

The Daily Grind: Would you like more exploration options? {Massively}

Jun 13th 2011 8:19AM yes like URU, or other adventure games, would be awesome if some one knew how to implement those into an mmo game. But still have action/pvp and the usual stuff. Only mmo i played with a few such options was Warhammer online, but the other aspects of the game where not so great.