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Blizzard's success with equalizing content {WoW}

May 15th 2009 2:18PM
Wow, now I get it! Vehicles are fantastic! Now I realize that sitting on a and spamming the "2" button is fantastic fun!

So, I'm curious, what would have been so horrible if we could just like, ride on the stupid dragon or tank and use our spells and abilities? Is that just too obvious? Wouldn't Blizzard spending the time to get *mounted* combat in the game be something that we've been begging for years to get?

Considering that these pets have really, like one ability you just mindlessly spam during the fight, I'd have to say that "fight equalization" is a pretty big fail in my book. It has potential to become something cooler, though, so I'm willing to put up with it.

There could be up to a million Chinese gold farmers {WoW}

May 5th 2009 7:54PM On a night of progression raiding I'm dropping 200g in repairs and another 100g in flasks and consumables.

Add to that the cost of getting new gear (even helped by the guild bank) and the cost of raiding has never been higher, imo. I never spent anywhere near this amount BC or earlier.

4 nights of raiding and I've blown through 1000+g. Even by Northrend standards that's a lot of coin.

I'm not going to buy gold - I'll run my dailies like a dutiful little WoW slave but I can certainly see why people would do it. There's sure a lot of other stuff I'd rather be doing than grinding dailies, an activity I've never enjoyed.

Official Ulduar cinematic revealed {WoW}

Apr 13th 2009 11:41PM I really just think it's lame that all the raid instances in WotLK (except for the joke that is now Naxx) have nothing to do with the Lick King.

Maybe "Wrath of the Iron Dwarves and their Blue Dragon Buddies" didn't sound as catchy.

Making the Horde/Alliance thing a part of it was lame, too. Blizzard really needs to stop micro-managing the players. Give us something meaningful to fight over and we're perfectly capable of hating each other without goading.

Forum post of the day: Serious business decisions {WoW}

Jan 14th 2009 1:27AM I've been amazed by the emotions of this "hardcore vs casual" debate for years, and I'm still baffled by it.

Our society is full of segregation by skill, time and dedication. Sports, business, hobbies - you name it and it's divided into levels from professional to hobbyist to simple admirers.

This segregation gives the world tremendous depth. Everyone is free to find their level of enjoyment.

Anyone who fought the BC raid bosses before the nerf realizes how far the game has fallen. Raiding is literally a shadow of what it used to be. I for one can't fathom how that has improved the game.

Counterpoint: Yes, we should track raiding progression {WoW}

Dec 4th 2008 5:29PM I'm constantly baffled by the callous attitude towards more serious players.

A game with no challenges is not a game it's an attendance policy.

There's plenty of room in WoW for content that challenges serious gamers. If you don't give players a challenge they'll go find a game where they can.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: The Great Divide part 1 {WoW}

Sep 5th 2008 4:57PM For all the qq, I don't see any mention of how my paladin tank is going to handle bosses with any of the following:
- spells that must be interrupted
- spells that must be reflected
- that silence
- that mana drain
- that fear
- that require ridiculous block percentages

Speaking as someone whose pally tank has been one shot by the arcane destroyers in TK and the nekro's in hyjal many, many times, been feared and crushed by nightbane, silenced and crushed by Gruul and not even allowed a shot at a great many other bosses because of the above, it's my belief that these changes are long past due.

Speaking as a raid leader, it's also long past due we have to stack the tank types in a raid, and keep sub-par players around we don't even like all that much just because they have the right class and gear to do a specific job.

[Updated] Wrath Beta patch notes: Paladin part I {WoW}

Jul 18th 2008 12:55PM As far as protection goes:

- still no spell interrupt
- still no fear protection
- still no useful "oh crap" button (a full heal every 20 minutes when bosses can 2 shot you is not useful, assuming you can even get it off)
- still no mechanism for protection against silence
- still no mechanism to prevent ardent defender leap-frogging.

These restrictions will prevent paladins from being raid main tanks, at least on a non-trivial portion of bosses.

the fear is especially galling, considering druids now have an explicit fear protection.

The long wait for Season 4 {WoW}

Jun 10th 2008 4:05PM I think people really miss the point on hard-core versus casual raiding.

If you think about it in terms of another game, say baseball, then you can get a better sense of the symbiotic relationship between the two groups.

The hard core raiders run their characters at the highest possible level and learn drive new play styles and content. Imagine trying to learn SSC without all the guides written by the hard core raiders.

Casual players form the back bone of the game and make it a profitable enterprise for Blizzard, which drives new content, which keeps the raiders raiding.

The success of Warcraft depends on both groups - take away the hardcare raiders, raiding falls apart and the game devolves into just another Halo clone. take away the casuals and the game isn't profitable enough for new content and the game languishes.

What about respec costs? {WoW}

Aug 17th 2007 11:24AM I think blizzard just uses respec costs as another way of removing gold from the game (in other words, it's an economic adjustments, not a game play requirement).

Without some mechanism to remove gold from the game the economy would become far too inflationary.

Since people like to respec, making them pay for it is an excellent economic control (making it, along with repair and reagent costs a form of in-game taxation on the user base).

That being said, like all taxation systems, it imposes a burden on an un-intended population segment, in this case the tank/healer and dps/healing hybrid classes who must (over)specialize to adequately perform raiding tasks.

Taxing someone for an optional (read, luxury) item is a very popular taxation system. Taxing someone for something they need (the spec to farm the money to pay the tax) is not popular.

The root problem is still over-specialization in the talent trees, making some classes (prot warriors and holy priests) unable to effectively pay their taxes.

The latest on Priest racial abilities {WoW}

Aug 9th 2007 6:05PM It might be educational to note that there is NO mention on the character creation screen that priest racials even exist, much less what they are. Nor is there any mention in the literature.

If they had made fear ward self-only, they could have avoided all the noise, honestly, and it would have been a nice PvP ability.