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iPhone app roundup: Quickoffice, Otto Matic, Evernote 2 {}

Apr 3rd 2009 9:50AM Can anyone tell me whether i can access word attachments sent to my email and open them in quickoffice? I don't have a mobileme account and my school wifi is pretty restrictive (hellooo no use of keynote remote on that). So i just end up sending myself attachments and viewing them on my iphone.

Is it possible to open email attachments on the iPhone and edit them?


Video: Fun with a microwave and PS3 {Engadget}

Mar 13th 2009 7:08AM I was thinking along the same lines. It ain't art, but it sure is pollution!

iPhone OS 3.0 is coming, preview on March 17th {Engadget}

Mar 13th 2009 7:03AM If copy/paste is in (AND PLEASE LET IT BE) i think forgoing jailbreaking will be worth it for this. IF it is feature complete that is.

BeeJive IM offers up sale, tells of Facebook chat feature {}

Mar 3rd 2009 4:05PM On a side note, Palringo, the free client i use, already does what seems to be BeeJive's biggest selling point of having a backend service to keep you logged it. I guess the only downside is the banner ads and that you have to sign up for a Palringo account (which connects to their servers and takes messages for you).

BeeJive IM offers up sale, tells of Facebook chat feature {}

Mar 3rd 2009 4:03PM How does it compare to Palringo, a free iphone chat client i use, does anyone know?

Is all i'm gaining better UI/media features?

Buy Leopard, iWork '09, iLife '09 via the Mac Box Set {}

Jan 7th 2009 11:43AM My MBP is closing in on being 2 years old. I'm planning on upgrading after another 2 years, but the Leopard and iLife 09 looks compelling. However, with Snow Leopard round the corner (and support for tasty tasty multi-core processing), Don't know if its worth it. If i hold for snow leopard, then my machine's hardware would probably be a bit dated to be worth it to upgrade.

Namco Bandai profits take a dip in Q109 {Joystiq}

Aug 6th 2008 11:24AM Do their financial year books start really early or something? Well they have SCIV and Tales of Vesperia to count on for profit boosts i guess.

Motorola sues former employee turned Apple exec for ganking trade secrets {Engadget}

Jul 19th 2008 2:47AM Killing a player much lower in level than you, thats what ganking is, and low level is what Motorala is.

NVIDIA and friends working on alternate USB 3.0 spec, SiS joins in, Intel uninvited from everybody's birthday parties {Engadget}

Jun 15th 2008 12:55PM I'm pretty sure FW3200's main marketing point is backward compatibility. I think they are claiming that current FW400/800 will be able to scale up to FW3200 with a software update. I'm not sure about USB. I have 2 external harddisks connected by USB (too lazy to pay extra for FW ports) and damn, transferring 300gb out took a loooong time.

Shuttle XP19 touchscreen display's official images and specs unearthed {Engadget}

Jun 8th 2008 11:10AM Unless you can keep your hands and wrists off a horizontal surface for hours on end, i doubt you will find this that useful.