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15 Minutes of Fame: Horde of Unschoolers {WoW}

Jan 15th 2008 2:54PM Not being home-schooled myself I can't speak as to what the experience will be for these children once they enter college but I really don't think, that this article even gives a clear picture of their lives, and nor should it as this entire blog is WoW-centric and we wouldn't be here to read about the alternative educational opportunities available in this country.

It's premature to judge how these children will turn out or how they will function in the "real" world especially when the only piece of their lives that we even have been given a tiny glimpse of is a portion of what they spend their free time doing.

I often think my brother would have enjoyed and learned more from being taught at home, not everyone excels in Public schools, many public schools are overcrowded and the students who are silently struggling, getting by with C's, are neglected they aren't doing well enough to be recognized and pushed forward and they are not doing poorly enough to be given extra help they might actually need. And as far as becoming socially inept, it is possible to become a social butterfly without attending a school environment so long as you interact with the public in some way. Many people make it through all their years of public schooling and come out as socially inept as if they'd slept through the entire thing.

As long as these children can read, perform basic mathematics and are willing to work to fill the gaps they missed by not being forced to attend classes they have no interest in (Which I don't know about the rest of you but I can't remember a thing about calculus a subject I was forced into, or Chemistry for that matter) I see no reason they can't excel in life.

Ask WoW Insider: What's your kill order? {WoW}

Oct 12th 2007 6:17PM My guild is weird we do

Circle=OT (next kill)
Diamond= Seduce (sometimes sap)
Triangle= Banish (depending on CC this gets changed)
X= Pets
Square=Ice Trap (we roll with so many hunters)

but most PuGs we usually mark up the skull for death first.

Addon Spotlight: WoW Instant Messenger {WoW}

Aug 12th 2007 11:03AM I've used WIM for a very long time and I love it. And as 2. said there is an ACE'd version called cellular which essentially does the same thing and as much as I love ACE addons, I don't like it nearly as much. When I went through my addon directory and changed out the addons for ACE addons that did the same thing WIM was one of the few I changed back. Awesome Addon!