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From iPhone to iPad: Plants vs Zombies {}

Apr 15th 2010 1:11AM I am really enjoying the iPad version. I'm not a huge fan of PopCaps other games but they did a great job on this one. I was really disapointed in the iPhone version and fairly quickly gave up and deleted it from my phone. It just didn't play all that well though there were no serious issues.

On the iPad it is just the right size, it is really snappy to get into, the graphics are nice, the game play is smooth. Also getting the achievements working well, the quick play/mini games and survival is really nice. The only major thing missing (other than the zen garden) was the succession of smashing vases which I can certainly live without.

And yes I am totally willing to pay $10 for this game even having paid for the others because the developers of this game did a great job here. I want to be paid well for my hard work and I have no problem doing the same for others.

A first week with the iPad {}

Apr 11th 2010 9:29PM I'm running on the default brightness and I managed to get over 12 hours out of it. Including streaming a few things from Netflix. Have you boosted the brightness or did I just get really lucky? I've been hearing good things about battery life (and I'm really glad it was one of my main concerns).

I'm really looking forward to them upgrading the Remote app (not the same as universal I know...) and I can't believe apple didn't have that ready. It better be good.

WSJ on the iPad will be $17.99 a month {}

Mar 26th 2010 12:04AM I will pay for something.
I will watch ads.

I will not pay to watch ads.

Apple pressuring music publishers over Amazon Daily Deal {}

Mar 4th 2010 12:59PM I love when apple feels the need to trump the competition.

But only when they do it thru a superior product. This is just lazy.

Dear Aunt TUAW: Why GPS? {}

Feb 22nd 2010 3:40PM I use the iPhone maps function more than I ever thought I would. It tells me when the next bus is coming. This is fantastic.

I go to the Metrotransit site (which is horrible) and dig thru and find the bus route pdf and open that and then pinch and zoom and open and scroll up and down to make sure I'm looking at the right bus stop (which of course is a best guess not an exact because they can't list every stop) and then scroll over to see the time. But that takes 4-7 minutes for each bus route.

Or I can take the 30 seconds it takes to load my iPhone, go to the maps app, and tell it I want to go home. It will tell me you poor sob you just missed the bus start walking, or wait! it should be here in 2 minutes.

Also GPS makes maps better. I ski and blade and hike and other things. Those paper maps you are talking about? Not always accurate. When you've got parks that are KMs off on their trails it is very aggravating. If I want to know how long it is going to take me to ski a 10K I want to practice in a space I know is 10K not that says it is 10K but is actually 8.75K because that's just going to make me feel aweful when I go to ski the race.

Also I can have a map for everywhere in my phone which is also my emergency system for in case I get injured or assaulted or I just break a wheel or a pole so I'm not hauling extra stuff around with 30 paper maps. And if I have my phone I can alway make a quick decision that I want to try a new adventure route and if I don't have a detailed paper map it isn't a big deal because I've got it covered.

Plants vs. Zombies hits the iPhone {}

Feb 17th 2010 6:15PM Totally unrelated to if this is adult or Adult or childish or too gamey or whatever I have a separate question.

How snappy is the game on the GS? I'm still rocking my 3G and this is the first time I've felt it was slow. Does it feel laggy and take a good chunk of time (vs other high graphics using programs) to load at the start?

(The worst offender is actually the Monopoly game but it has what I believe is a memory programming error so sadly I just don't play that one. But it doesn't actually feel laggy when the error isn't occurring.)

What's that menu item mean on my Mac? {}

Feb 11th 2010 2:45PM You can get a different/more information menu on a lot of them with the option key. (Bluetooth has version/packet info, sound lists devices etc)

Also caffeine. Some how I can't live without this tiny little cup of coffee even though I don't drink it.

And no link to the facebook app?

Bill Gates on the iPad: Needs a stylus and a keyboard {}

Feb 11th 2010 1:12PM It would just be something to lose.

What's missing from the iPad {}

Jan 27th 2010 9:48PM This device is going to cover the things I'd really like it to.

I'm in the market for an e-reader.
I want something that I can use on the bus/long car trips for doing work or reading and I HATE pulling out my MBP for these situations, it is always uncomfortable and I just don't like it. I've always wanted just the screen so yeah tablet for me.
I hate flash. I just do, I block it, I almost never let it go. I'm entirely ok with no flash.
I almost never use the camera on my MBP and while I sometimes use the camera on my phone when I need to take pictures I usually use a camera. (I'm not a big post pictures on social media person though.)
I'm thrilled I don't have to be tied to a stupid contract for it. Wi-Fi for me thanks!

Things that I am unhappy about:
No multitasking.
I'm waiting to see how magazines get tied in (I'd pay to subscribe to a few if they looked good on this device) and comics (I'm ready to move digital if it works well).
No auto syncing thru wireless when I walk into my home so it automatically plays the end of my movie/podcast thru my apple tv when I walk in or puts the webpage I was reading up on my desk top. (Ok this is pie in the sky.)
I hope this is something that can be done thru app/accessory. I want to be able to use this to do presentations (and get work to pay for it!) Ideally I'd love a bluetooth something that I could hook to a projector and just run the whole mess from the tablet.
iPad? Seriously?

TUAW Review and Giveaway: Twelve South BassJump subwoofer for MacBook {}

Jan 14th 2010 9:24PM MacBook Pro
And Tom Waits...Make it Rain....needs more bass.