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Liveblogging the BlizzCon movie panel {WoW}

Aug 13th 2007 3:29PM Look,
just becouse they said that the story will be told form the alliance point of view, this doesnt mean that the hordes will be the bad guys, this means that perhaps the main character is an ally.
you can find a lot of exemples of stories that the enemy is not rly the bad guy, but still the enemy.. if you can understand me here ^^

oh and that /sigh for live action?
if i know blizzard they will not let the orcs be idiots in green costumes, they will be verry nicely designed and look pretty freaky and still look real. (you know.. like gollem in lotr)and if you look at movies like 300, the real ppl in the movie can look pretty freakin awesome in a fantasy kind of way.

i trust that blizzard will not fuck this up
they have shown you all what they are capable off, and i know that this will not be an exeption.