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Giveaway Tuesday: 'Boston Legal' Joins TV Land and Someone's Winning an HDTV {AOL TV}

Mar 10th 2010 1:09AM The charisma of the character Alan Shore and the friendship between him and Denny Crane are tied for my favorite things about Boston Legal.

Review: The Mentalist - Red Bulls {AOL TV}

Nov 13th 2009 3:43PM Here is what we know about Red John so far from the blind woman:

"She tells us that Red John is just under six feet, has short straight hair, is neither soft, nor overly muscular, and loved to hear her play the piano, particularly Bach. She also says that Red John has strong, rough hands."

If she felt baldness she would say he was bald, not short straight hair. Also, since hair seems to be a big indicator for her, she would've commented on his facial hair.

The muscular description rules out any of the main characters. I think it is someone we haven't met yet.

Review: Friday Night Lights - In the Skin of a Lion {AOL TV}

Nov 12th 2009 5:21AM I think "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." is a Coach Taylor thing rather than "pure-panther" thing, since he said it at West Dillon before their first game. I think by Buddy saying that, he is saying Coach Taylor is the 'true' coach, that they made a mistake by replacing him with Mccoy and his lackey, and that he will from now on side with Coach Taylor(perhaps help him with the money problem)

I'm loving this season so far. FNL is by far my most anticipated show of the week.

Dollhouse: Haunted {AOL TV}

Apr 25th 2009 3:30AM I dont understand what you are saying eugene

The Office: The Michael Scott Paper Company {AOL TV}

Apr 10th 2009 5:34AM Maybe the "rundown" that Jim sent out is going to expose some kind of corporate conspiracy that puts the company under and everyone is forced to join Michael's company as it emerges as the leading paper company.

Dollhouse: Gray Hour {AOL TV}

Mar 7th 2009 12:57AM the women in this show are so hot

Reaper: A New Hope (season premiere) {AOL TV}

Mar 4th 2009 12:05PM amazing episode. incest jokes are always funny

House: Unfaithful {AOL TV}

Feb 18th 2009 12:22AM cause the kid lied about being molested by him

30 Rock update: Fey says it wasn't product placement (and that's not her on Twitter) {AOL TV}

Feb 14th 2009 3:06PM What Tina Fey did is no different than what you guys do when you recommend a good book/movie/tv show to a friend. It is that simple, Tina Fey and crew just really love McFlurries and wanted the world to know

TV Squad Ten: Reasons Leverage is the best new show this season {AOL TV}

Jan 30th 2009 2:39PM Since you brought up"The Mentalist" I thought now would be an appropriate time to bring up "Lie to me." Two very similar shows, but I just wanted to spearhead the push to switch over to "Lie to me" as it is indeed the better show. All Jane is is a bully and all of his methods are implausible, whereas Lie to me has a believable methodology and is more fun. Check it out