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Officers' Quarters: Not an officer {WoW}

Mar 29th 2010 2:18PM MILITARY COUP!!! get all the officers in a building, including the Guild leader, and fire mortar rounds at it, it works out good.

Breakfast topic: Are you going to turn off XP gain in battlegrounds? {WoW}

Jul 8th 2009 4:00PM This is stupid, not the exp removal thing, but the twinks get there own battle grounds thing, the best part about being a twink is slaughtering people because you took the time to make sure this toon has the best possible gear and that you took the time to learn how to use your characters skills to the highest degree. Not only that but when you fought another twink it was like highlander and if you beat him/her it only gave you the power or almost the right to be a twink, when you go against another player that has the best gear for their class and that your skill bested him and not your gear its a very rewarding feeling.

And yes i know over all most hate twinks because they can really piss you off, but lets face it, twinks have been around for a long time and most people who pvp just accept the fact that their are twinks and if they don't like it they don't pvp, kinda similar to if you dont want to get ganked buy some one more powerful then you (be it by superior gear or level) you dont play on a PVP server.

I know people have mixed views on twinks but i believe that over all they added freshness and life into pvp, some times when your AB game didn't fill up and its 14 vs 10 that one good twink shows up and actually gives your team a fighting chance, and other times the twinks on the other side would make that win to much harder to get that if you did succeed you felt truly accomplished.

So besides the positives and negatives of twinks in PVP over all my PVP experiences have always had twinks in them in some way or another and id rather not see that erased from an part of wow i think is fun.

Bethesda on DLC: Keep it small, 'digestible' {Joystiq}

Apr 11th 2009 9:46AM I want some god damn Road Warrior shit, let me drive to the west coast and go pillage the places from the first 2 and stuff, i really love this game but i wish they just waited like 4 years and made the world map HUGE, even if they got lazy and made the middle all boring like long ass roads and ever once in a while a poopy city, i just love the explorein out in the nowheres

3.0.8 brings snazzy new Blizzard Launcher {WoW}

Jan 20th 2009 1:51PM REJECT FALSE ICONS


3.0.8 maintenance extended to 1 PM PST {WoW}

Jan 20th 2009 1:45PM seriously they should give us crack heads for wow some god damn money back or some thing, i had today off cuz good ol obama and all i wanted to do was level an alt, and now its all jacked up and i cant play today cuz now it cuts into all the other crap i was doin later, Thanks blizzard, you rich bastards

Fallout 3 censored in Japan {Joystiq}

Nov 12th 2008 2:35PM Fuck that, the biggest problem with fallout 3 isnt the map marker or the music being similar to oblivion, its the fuckin censorship, they took away the tons of sex that was in fallout2, then they took away all the extremely scummy towns with the pimps and dealers, and you can kill children, censorship is the one thing that ruins fallout3 instead of being a fallout game it seems like a fun game that wishes it could be as good as fallout but because its a big game company they dont want to offend some soccer moms with violence and child murdering, Bethesda should just man up and make a patch that adds all the crazy shit, i mean wtf is the Mature stamp on the box for anyways?

Assassin's Creed gameplay video in three parts {Joystiq}

Oct 12th 2007 6:21PM they should just call this bad asses creed, i hope they work out the battle AI cuz other wise its gonna get old fast

We wait for the Halo 3 (Boston edition): aka failure to launch {Joystiq}

Sep 25th 2007 6:08AM lol i love how all the people trashin on halo got marked down, but honestly halo is a okay shooting game, its a rather nice one for the xbox and i see why people like it, but i HATE the halo fans, you guys and girls are like the worst religious fanatics times 10, its even more annoying when 10 year old are like hooked on it like crack, if people just took a chill pill i bet halo would be alot more enjoyable for well at least me, but maybe some other people too

The Gory Details: How Did These Rockers Die? {Spinner}

Sep 25th 2007 5:46AM Kurt Cobain was murdered