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Encrypted Text: How to be evil {WoW}

Nov 1st 2007 10:35AM Oh and i forgot, with beggers on any character i just put 5kgold in the trade window and go make a sandwich.

Encrypted Text: How to be evil {WoW}

Nov 1st 2007 10:34AM I prefer the fishing method. As a hunter tame a mob in that area like a boar in Westfall. Name it Boar or something special. Then hide behind a tree and use eyes of the beast. Put it on walk and pat near the lowbie. He will attack it as they always do, and flag himself, then have fun.

PTR Notes: New Arena weapons, Fanatacism tweak, Hunter dead zone {WoW}

Oct 25th 2007 11:43AM I swear, i had a hunter and we learned to make do with our dead zone. The hunters today are so easy i gave up on my hunter, i mean 1yard why even have a weapon equipped. Blizzard should get rid of all hunter melee skills if they are gonna do this.

Breakfast Topic: The life lessons of WoW {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 10:31AM I learned that even tho your 70 your not a god in ZF, Apparently the healing totems heal for alot when they stack. It was 3 70s and a 40, prot pally, holy pally, ice mage, and 40 druid and we wiped in ZF cuz we pulled half the instance but those damn totems heal them faster than the mace could dps them and once he was OOM we were running.

Breakfast Topic: Whar be the naval battles, matey? {WoW}

Sep 19th 2007 11:47AM It would be cool if it was for guilds and the guild had to pull together a large number of gold to purchase a boat and then you could have guild vs guild ship battles.

Caption This! {WoW}

Sep 17th 2007 3:59PM No Chicken, My cheesy poofs!

Breakfast Topic: Your least favorite instance {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 12:16PM BRD longest instance in the game imo. Even with 2 70s running with you, it can still take longer than any other instance, and theres more quests than you can think of.

The Light and How to Swing It: How to tank as a Paladin {WoW}

Sep 5th 2007 12:36PM I tried using this built the other day for SH
I usually farm on BT and i dont use avengers shield very much, i found this built to be a hell of alot more effective in tanking. We had a druid healer with 800 healing, 2 mages, and a warlock and we just aoe'd every pull took us 30mins to do all of non heroic SH, we did 5 runs and no tanking trinket /cry

Forum Post of the Day: You're old school when... {WoW}

Sep 4th 2007 6:04PM I remember there werent as many server and you had to wait almost an hour to get in.
When you killed someone u got 30honor instead of 1 or 2.
When you said world pvp you were talking about the mass zerg wars of TM and SS and BRM.
When all pallies looked like bananas.
When the only class that could tank was warriors.
When you couldnt ride you mount in DM area
When alliance lowbies called Dead mines VC and not DM so that people were confused why a lvl 17 wanted to do Dire Maul.