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Cooking on the Dark Side: Black Chicken {Slashfood}

Oct 20th 2010 12:22PM "Black power is for chickens, too" really? REALLY?! I can't believe you even thought that was close to an appropriate sentence.

Chicken Nuggets: The Ugly Truth? {Slashfood}

Oct 6th 2010 3:28PM Come on, you guys. Don't just report on something without researching it first.

For Love of Toasted Pine Nuts {Slashfood}

Feb 20th 2009 1:53PM I put toasted pine nuts on just about everything these days. But the best is toasted with a teeeensy bit of cayenne pepper and then sprinkled over some angel hair pasta with pesto and some dried proscuitto crumbled on top. Maybe a little myzythra cheese grated on there as well. Oh god I am getting hungrier by the minute.

The Culinary Cinema Oscars {Slashfood}

Feb 12th 2009 2:06PM Babette's Feast. I have loved that movie since childhood, and it's one of the things that inspired me to learn how to cook.

Joyswag Holidaze: Lumines Supernova (PSN) {Joystiq}

Dec 24th 2008 12:29PM I gonna give it to my ladyfriend!

After the Line Blog {}

Jul 11th 2008 3:50PM I think I'm going to liveblog my trip to the grocery store.

Honestly, do we really need a detailed run down of you buying something? The internet is so inane sometimes.

How to eat like a geek {Slashfood}

Jul 1st 2008 1:12PM Out of all my Geek friends, I'm the only one who really cooks seriously (save one or two who like to treat themselves now and again). Most of my friends go out to eat or were raised on frozen food (dorm food, too). So I like to have people over for elaborate, multi-course dishes. Usually I turn to the French Laundry Cookbook or a recipe from my childhood, typically french/italian bistro fare. Weekly staples for me are a nice roast chicken, marinated steak with balsalmic glaze, artichokes with home made mayo to dip and caprese salad. Often times I'll become obsessed with one particular method, doing it over and over again until I get it right. In college it was bread, and now it's mayo. I love the process and the varied flavors you can accomplish with the right additives. And after you whisk so hard your arm falls off, you feel pretty accomplished. :)

Fishy pizza: Yuk! {Slashfood}

Jun 29th 2008 1:38AM "In addition, young people are always cussing! And sometimes they walk all over my lawn when I tell them not to!"

Michael Pollan's rules from In Defense of Food {Slashfood}

Mar 19th 2008 4:05PM My grandmother probably wouldn't be able to identify fois gras or sweetbreads or tripe or anything fancy as food either. That's not a very good rule. While I appreciate turning people off of processed stuff, my grandmother isn't the best source to look to for food advice.