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Spoilers: Wrath of the Lich King's peek into Druid lore {WoW}

Sep 29th 2008 12:43PM It's a very short portion of the question; I'm talking that you can complete it without even fighting one mob. It all takes place in the Shrine of Remulos as well. One thing that you probably can't notice in the video is that the nightmare mobs are amorphous; they have no shape until they are engaged. When they are engaged they actually turn into a dark copy of yourself, minus any abilities.

Besides, this is really Paladin-lore. Back off Druids, you had an entire epic quest line in BC, this expansion belongs to the Paladins and the Death Knights. ^_^

WoW Moviewatch: Zalgradis Paladin PvP 3 {WoW}

May 9th 2008 2:54PM This is when classes weren't cookie-cutters, and people like Zalgradis could wow (no pun intended) the people with great playstyle, original usage of abilities, and an interesting spec. This is also when the Paladin was at its peak (or near it); now, classes typically just barrel over the class and the "defensive hybrid" aspect has been removed from the Paladin PvP perspective, as base healing values for the Paladin were not improved adequately to account for the increase in stamina in BC.

This is before the fad hit of editing together all your highest PvP crits with spiralling screen effects or greying-out ones. Zalgradis PvP is raw, it is the real thing; someone who has perfected his craft according to his own styles.

People in 5/5 Gladiator don't understand this video for a reason.

Phat Loot Phriday: Shivering Felspine {WoW}

Mar 29th 2008 4:09AM @12

If you're looking with that reasoning for people to say "Then it benefits the Hunter the most" then it's easily false. A few extra stats for a Hunter on what Blizzard deems a slot valued the same for a Hunter as a relic/libram/idol vs a weapon that will actually be used for all of its stats including weapon damage?

The fact is that any reasonable guild that uses DKP or any bid-based system should be able to oversee the statstick persona that some Hunters like to put forth for polearms and see it as a viable option for other classes. If you want to argue loot systems there's going to be an argument to support and debunk you either way.

Phat Loot Phriday: Shivering Felspine {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 9:08PM For Blood Elf Retribution Paladins this is the 2nd best weapon in the game based on a limited ArmPen build, right behind Kil'jaeden's Apolyon 2H sword.

If I were in BT and it dropped, I'd go balls out to try to get this in my bags.

One thing you'll notice is the speed on this polearm: 3.5 (without taking into account the haste) compared to the typical 2.2 or so speed of many other statsticks. This is why you're going to at least see Retribution Paladins clamoring over this; I can't feign to know if Arms warriors will value it as well.

If more guilds had access to this, I think it would become a large point of contention "who" it would go to, like the old 100's of comments on thottbot back in the day with "hunter weapon" under every weapon with stats. However, seeing as it's going to be a limited supply kind of weapon on most realms, I say this to who it's for: whoever has the most DKP.

Prot Paladins display their unrivaled threat generation {WoW}

Mar 9th 2008 10:46AM There sure are a lot of damage control posts on WoW Insider these days...

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Where are the warriors? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 3:34PM The general problem as I was inferring is that this article is full of fallacies. One, the arena representation. You've acknowledged that you seem to know that the numbers are based on the total number of people playing the class; this mere fact accounts for the Warrior's low number. There are players who do not PvP, there are players who do not Raid. Let me show you your own statement reversed.

There are more Warriors that play World of Warcraft than any other class. Blizzard tells us that Warriors are underrepresented in raids. Therefore, Warriors need more help in raids.

I think we can all see the problems in that. We know yes, that Warriors are the most played class. However, we all know that the vital component to the vast majority of 25-man raids is a Warrior tank and usually 2-3 Offtanks. You are trying to purport the idea that because Blizzard tells you that Warriors are underrepresented in arena (which we all know they're not; that's just a blind eye if you believe that), they are not a problem. Instead, you would rather support the nerfing of classes such as Druid or Paladin, both of which were not extremely popular in arena until paired with... guess who? A Warrior.

The Warrior's current state is the cause of the inflated Druid numbers. Obviously as this was done previously with the Paladin, isn't it naive to think that Warriors and their synergy with other classes aren't the cause of the problem? Unfortunately, Blizzard learned rather quickly that nerfing Warriors for PvP (2.0 Rage Nerf) destroys them in PvE, and as one of the core flagship classes of Warcraft and a necessary component to raiding, this doesn't work well.

I'll next address your statement that you don't want to burn 100g to farm on your Prot Warrior. Okay, I can't verbally castrate someone on the basis that they CHOOSE to not spend the gold. There are ways to generate raiding revenue without slaughtering hundreds of elementals, but you choose to merely log on your Shaman, who you seem to be upset with does more damage? Of course he does, Protection Warriors should not be killing to acquire their gold, they should be instancing. Heroics now are doable easily in under an hour with no matter the tank and in a fair group it nets collateral gray/white/greens and at least 1 25-30g Shard per player, along with badges. You choose to raid? You can be like our guild's tanks who as soon as the weekend hits they're at the class trainer warming up Bloodthirst or Mortal Strike, or you can take up your defeatist mantle and return to your Shaman.

I once played a Warrior proudly, and it's articles like this full of complaining that made me put him up on the mantle. I was a Rogue in Plate who tanked everything that was needed of him pre-TBC; those glory days are over for the Warrior class as a whole, but Warriors should relish in their arena dominance, not deny it. I don't blame the denial; after all, it might get them by a few more months without tweaking.

Oh, and for future reference, the Blizzard formula should work something along the lines of:

(ClassXPlayerswithRatingY/TotalPlayersWithRatingY) / (ClassXPlayers/Total Players)

It generally measures whether attendance in a team is relatively higher or lower than the class' popularity as a whole. (Math lifted from Hope of Mal'Ganis via Elitistjerks; hope you don't mind).

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Where are the warriors? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2008 2:03PM To insinuate that Warriors are not a staple of all three brackets is ignorance of the truth. You hide behind Blizzard's formula like it is the fact that the Warrior is not a necessary component of virtually all 5v5 setups, that Warrior-Druid is not the ultimate cookiecutter of this season's 2v2, and that Warrior-2heal isn't terrifying in 3v3.

If you would investigate the numbers that Blizzard posted, you would find that it is based upon the total people playing each class, and numerous censuses, even by Blizzard, have shown that Warrior is far and away the most populous class on World of Warcraft. This explains the low showing of Warriors on the recent post by Kalgan. The reason that it's so low is that a portion of the Warrior populace just isn't good at arena. Maybe there aren't enough Resto Druids available to help them cheese their way to 1850 and beyond?

As for the comment that Warriors are awful in battlegrounds? This is neglecting the obvious strength of warriors (and it has been one since day one): A Warrior and a healer make an unstoppable killing machine BECAUSE the Warrior doesn't have to focus on offhealing, supporting, or buffing to the extent that healers and support classes do. You say your fate is to be easily crushed? I say your fate is to join the masses of poor Warrior players, apparently.

And apparently this article is attempting to say that Warriors can't DPS? For a long time, Nihilum's own DPS warrior was applauding that the 2H Slam build was the new pinnacle of Warrior DPS; Warriors have two viable melee specs in raids, which is more than even Rogues (lolcombat?) and there is a simple reason the term "Rogues in Plate" was coined over a year ago: Warriors can do damage. If you're unable to match an Enhancement Shaman, you are either poorly geared or have significant flaws in your rotation. The PvE DPS Warrior is the DPS that comes out of the gate kicking and when you're on a progression boss and the DPS is slow he's still pumping out the same damage eight minutes later when the rest of the raid is oom and waiting for potion cooldowns.

Back to arena. Consistently, Warrior is getting tiptoed around these days. Formerly Pre-TBC, the Warrior was victim of several nerfs in order to curb its DPS. With the Whirlwind buff, Sweeping Strikes change, and partial return of our rage, it is apparent that Blizzard has changed its view towards Warriors. Instead, they appear to have chosen to repeatedly nerf whatever companion the Warrior has found to exploit arenas with. This was the case in season 1 and 2 with Paladins who found themselves unjustly struck with a Blessing of Freedom AND Blessing of Sacrifice nerf, rendering Paladins now often the fourth choice healer in 2s and 3s from the first (I say 4th as Resto Shamans are finally figuring out that they're great when played well...). And this season? Look at the Druids up in arms over the removal of their movespeed armor buff for Resto, the Lifebloom nerf, etc. It's ridiculous for you to say that you don't dominate; maybe you're right and it's your SYNERGY that dominates, but it's a synergy that needs to be broken for other classes to reach the same arena popularity as warriors.

In conclusion, I found this article disjointed and with no real purpose other than to QQ. I really hate to use that term, but that's what this article is; a plea to the masses to believe that warriors aren't overrepresented in arenas, aren't amazing PvE DPS, and do not have a monopoly on raid main-tanking. Sorry, but I'm not buying it.

Build Shop: Paladin 40/0/21 {WoW}

Feb 6th 2008 3:53AM Running out of specs? I'm sorry but the Shockadin's been dead since healers got spelldamage. Shockadin was the hope for Holy Paladins to be able to do something other than mindlessly heal, but with the healing gear changes the Shockadin has gone the way of the dodo.

This would have been better spent on discussing some of the emerging Paladin specs, including 0/20/41. Has this column even touched the now PvE-popular 5/8/48?

The Light and How to Swing It: Command vs. Blood {WoW}

Nov 28th 2007 12:12AM Good write up, but there are several factors that have not been actually addressed in this that are some of the major reasons why Seal of Blood is touted as being super in many ways.

1) Seal of Blood's lessened reliance on Spelldmg allows Belf Paladins to concentrate on warrior-like gear in order to maximize damage. Your average Blood Elf in PvE will be using Seal of Blood and as little spell damage as he can manage to wear if he's thinking wisely. In PvP all's fair and we all know that SoComm is still king for burst DPS.

2) Seal of Blood is cheaper mana-wise.

3) Seal of Blood is (more) controllable DPS.

4) Haste. This is one of the largest reasons, in my opinion, that for PvE Seal of Blood is entirely unfair for only one side to possess (I am Horde, btw). Seal of Blood is a constant proc, it is not a % proc. It is not a ppm (like SoComm). Therefore, with the massive amount of +haste gear available from Hyjal and beyond, any Belf Paladin is increasing their DPS by lightyears by stacking Haste. While Haste would benefit the Alliance Paladin's white damage (which DOES constitute ~50% of their DPS) to increase, it does not increase the PPM rate of Seal of Command.

There are a few more issues between the two seals to explore, such as the benefit of SoB/JoB's recoil (yes, benefit) in raid situations due to Spiritual Attunement and HoTs and that Seal of Blood scales with a Belf Paladin's raw AP quite effectively, but the exact scaling of Seal of Blood is still a little iffy as far as my theorycraft goes.