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Second Halo short sneaks online {Joystiq}

Aug 23rd 2007 2:44PM energy sheild being deployed about 36 sec into the movie, very very obvious. its an over head shot of two covenant, one of them deploys an energy sheild, watch before you yell at people claiming something isnt there that very much is.

Resto PvP Druid FTW! {WoW}

Aug 15th 2007 11:42AM i have a resto druid GLADIATOR, and i can without a doubt say that resto druid is in my opinion, one of the hardest classes to kill, they are also one of the best and most UNDER USED of all pvp classes, resto druids can own in arena, you just need to know how to play them and where to put your talents, just because you are resto doesnt mean that both the balance and feral trees dont have things in them that can make you a more effective HEALER....

Pay for your WoW account with PayPal {WoW}

Aug 15th 2007 11:37AM fyi, i have been using paypal since it began, years ago , and i still unfortunately use it, however here is a warning, Paypal is pretty much constantly under class action lawsuits by its users, they WILL NOT protect you for anything, they can also remove money from your bank account, when complaints from other users regarding transactions, Paypal is a RISKY place to put your bank account info into, although also unavoidable as the other options you have for online payment are about the same in regards to security. You have been warned, i am sure other paypal users have had issues as well. I am not saying its not a good wow payment option, just a... risky one. in my humble opinion.