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What we know about Death Knights {WoW}

Apr 12th 2008 1:53AM actually the information displayed here is a little outdated. It was stated at (Leipzig maybe? or possibly on the forums I can't remember which) but you won't actually be doing the quest on your main at 55+ you will be doing it when you create the deathknight itself. For a huge stockpile of information visit we've stockpiled more or less every interesting scrap of WoW news and WotLK news.

Seen@GDC: Nintendo Revolution; it's wittle {Joystiq}

Mar 26th 2006 11:58PM well alot of you guys are saying it will be underpowered but nintendo stated there will be no difference and I dont think its gonna be a real #2 choice console in Japan it will be like a #1 console along with PS3... but in America I don't think a lot of people are drooling over it like me im pumped for it I cant wait to use that controller it intregues me sooo much it will be fun if they get resident evil for it cus you can aim directly for the zombies head instead of using a joystick which bugged me cus if it was a freaky part sorta at like 2 am when im jived on coffee and im jittery i'd always die but now it wont be so bad = ) so keep faith people E3 omes soon and heck i bet they have mario for a demo for it cus they did for the gamecube.