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Will merging servers help low pop realms? {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 5:29AM I like low pop servers. I specifically moved to one BECAUSE it was low pop for rolling a new alt. It's a fresh start, new endgame, not as many hardcore players bitching and whining. I say no to any kind of merger, it would ruin what I enjoy about low pop servers. People who cant find groups just dont know how to. I can find and make groups easier on low pop servers because nobody else knows how to do it. Its great.

Suvega's DKP {WoW}

Oct 5th 2007 12:04AM Here's the system my guild uses. Its a balance between a point system and random rolls. I think it manages keep a much better balance between casual raiders, new guildies, and hardcore guildies.


The Bonus System awards players for attending raids by giving them improved odds when it comes time to roll on desirable items. If it’s your very first raid you’ll just be rolling 1-100, but someone who has been on a dozen or more raids before could be rolling as high as 85-185. There is still a chance for the first-timer, but those who have been around longer and still haven’t won many (or any) items will have a better chance to win. Here are the details of how the system works:

At the end of each raid, every participating member will receive +5 to their bonus total. Members will receive this bonus even if they were late or had to leave early, so long as they were an active participant for the time they were there. This applies to ALL members of the raid, whether they are in the guild or not.

If an item you want drops, you can either roll with or without your bonus. If you do NOT use your bonus (or if it is your first raid with us), your roll will be a straight 1-100. If you use your bonus, your roll will be X-100+X where X is your bonus. For example, 5-105, 25-125, 40-140, etc… You roll by typing /random 40 140.

§ If you use your bonus and WIN the roll, your bonus is immediately set to 0. (Note that it will still be increased to 5 at the end of the raid. Also note the exception below for bonuses higher than the cap.)

§ If you use your bonus and LOSE the roll, your bonus remains where it is (and will still increase by 5 at the end of the raid).

The maximum bonus you can use is 60-160.

You will be able to accrue more then the max bonus you can use. It is unlimited. For example, if you have a 110 bonus, you can still only roll 60-160. If you win the roll, you will end up with a 25 bonus (110 minus 85). In this case you would also receive the standard 5 bonus at the end of the raid, giving you a total bonus of 30 for the next raid.

The way it works out is that each guildie new or casual gets fair odds to win an item but that the hardcore raiders over a longer amount of time have increased odds of getting what they want. The more you raid the better your odds, but even if you rarely get to raid because of family/work/whatever you still get fair shots at loot and gearing up.

The ultimate loot distribution system? {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2007 10:17PM Sorry but DKP in any form is hard to describe as the "ultimate loot distribution system". I think it is unfair to new guildies and to casual raiders. It encourages nothing but hardcore players and I think ruins the point of the game. My guild uses a modified roll system that keeps a very fair balance between encouraging new members and our casual raiders and rewarding our hardcore players. In the long run the hardcore players have better odds of winning but the casuals and new members get fair chances and can see their chances get better the more active they are.

DKP will never be the "ultimate loot distribution system" in ANY form. It encourages what is wrong with this game. You dont have to give your life to the game just to see a few purples and some cool content.

: )

The Light and How to Swing It: How to tank as a Paladin {WoW}

Sep 5th 2007 4:03AM I tanked endgame pre-BC as a pally. Just kinda rubs me wrong when someone says we weren't around and were viable back then. Of course we weren't AS viable back then as we are now (thank god for the changes) but tanking 5 mans, ZG and MC was definetly possible.

You left alot out with this short guide (I understand you probably had to) but let me add a bit.

1) Don't use seal of vengeance. Its a gimic seal and is useless. As you said, use Righteousness at all times after a judgement of wisdom.

2) Downrank Holy shield and Consecration. Rank 1 Holy shield does just as much mitigation for alot less mana. Once you got firm aggro, switch to rank 1. Not many classes will be riding your ass for aggro so it shouldnt be a problem. Same with consecration. All you need to do is get the mobs attention, and then Holy Shield will keep it. This is especially important in places like Black Morass. You can hold all the adds on every portal just by alternating Rank 1 and Max Rank consecrations while spamming Holy Shield.

3)Don't use Retribution Aura until you are geared beyond kara and then only use it in gear checks youve already passed. Example - when entering Kara dont be an idiot and use Retribution for a minor amount of threat. You will need EVERY ounce of mitigation to survive those first fights until you get some better gear. Once you got gear from Kara then you will find yourself having to downgrade gear just to keep your mana bar full from healing in 5 mans. Thats when you can switch back to using Retribution Aura.

4) Get the Macros for our taunt and blessing of protection and USE them. They give us the speed of a warrior taunt with the range of your average spell. Use blessing of protection anytime someone pulls aggro off you. Get practice using them both all the time.

5) In answer to the other poster. No dont judge crusader. Always judge wisdom. You dont need the added threat. If you got the mana, you got the threat. Much better to judge wisdom.

With a properly open minded guild prot pallies can do wonders. Good luck guys!

The music of your class {WoW}

Aug 16th 2007 3:24AM Paladin Tanks:

"Perhaps Vampire is A Bit Strong" by Arctic Monkeys.

The line that best describes the pally tank:

"All you people are vampires
All your stories are stale
Though you pretend to stand by us
I know you're certain we'll fail

I've seen you're eyes as they fix on me full of confusion your snarl is just
So condescending

I aint got no dollar signs in my eyes that might be a surprise but its true
I'm not like you and I don't want your advice or your praise or to move in the ways you do"

What can fit better eh?

: )