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Recent Comments:

Disappointing Troy {Gadling}

Sep 11th 2006 5:24PM Pity. Next priceless artifact dissappeared from the world

Marc Jacob Capra Satchel, Handbag of the Day {Luxist}

Sep 11th 2006 5:21PM I think $1350 is too expensive for this handbag. There are much better models for $200

Prestigio PMR-701, comes with TV tuner {Engadget}

Sep 11th 2006 5:20PM Does it mean that player will have bult-in antenna? Or just connector?

Wil Wheaton reviews Star Trek episodes! {Weblogs, Inc.}

Sep 11th 2006 5:04PM Is he a god or what? There are many others writers, who keeps plot. Why Wil?

Edius Tips and Tutorials {DV Guru}

Sep 10th 2006 8:44AM If Edius is so forgotten why you post tips and tutorials about it? Better post about some popular software

Is Podshow hijacking podcasts? {Droxy (Digital Radio)}

Sep 10th 2006 8:30AM It's cruel world of business and there is no place for weak

Live radio show... right now! {The Jason Calacanis Weblog}

Sep 10th 2006 7:21AM Did anyone record this show? I wanna hear it

Rockstar's Soft Serve tour in Philly tonight [update 1] {Joystiq}

Aug 11th 2006 9:46AM Awesome! I wanna be in US now :(

Biscayne Landing Project Undergoes Major Change {Luxist}

Aug 11th 2006 9:45AM Interesting how they will provide more square. Increasing floors or used square?

More red flag fun from TiVo and Macrovision {Engadget}

Aug 11th 2006 9:40AM New victims...