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The Movie Business Challenge {Blog Maverick}

Jul 28th 2006 4:48PM In it's simplest form the solution to the problem is bringing the entertainment value back into the theatre. That is exactly what's missing from the theatre experience is the fun. Nowadays we are paying more for a ticket and snacks yet are not getting anything more for our dollar except more advertising, not just viewed, bombarded, with advertsiing and trailers totalling up to 20-30 minutes prior to the film. This turns people away. What I propose is going back to the roots of cinema. A perfect example would be Warner's DVD release of The Public Enemy wherein there is a feature called "Warner's night at the movies." This is a collection of shorts that were a staple of early cinema. Some were advertising, and for this to make sense in todays market most of it would have to be anyway, but mostly they were appetizers. Those special little nuggets that brought the whole experience together. It gives the entire experience a beginning, middle and end. Shorts-trailers-film. An arcing experience the viewer goes through themselves. This proposal is quite broad because I am basically suggesting changing the pre-film format alltogether. We could have cartoons and little documentary shorts and anything you could dream up. For that matter it could also be tailored specifically to the film about to be viewed which is an even more exciting prospect. Advertisers could either sponsor them or create their own content. Sponsorhip though would be the better option as to not immediately alert the audience that it is a glorified ad. It also would improve the quality of the content, if the content is sponsored it doens't have to revolve completely around the product. A great example are those heinous Coca-Cola ads showing "What teens really do!" I love to go to the movies, but I have grown distasteful of the experience. Also I can wait just 3 months for the DVD and not feel to bad about it. What you have to give the audience is something they are only going to get in the theatre, like a band who covers tracks only in their live set or songs that they only perform live. You won't get it on their album but it gives you something extra, a reason to go out and see for yourself. The buzzword these days is 3-d, you hear it from James Cameron and George Lucas as being the single thing that will save the movie house. I sort of feel that to be true but mostly it's a gimick and unless the content of the film specifically lends itself to being 3-d I feel the idea is going to sour with the public pretty quickly. I mean, "There's something about Mary in 3-D?" That's not very exciting at all. So there you have it. What you have proposed is a great idea Mr. Cuban, something needs to be done and to have someone so passionate about media spear-heading it is the only way it can be done to succeed.

Free Day! {WoW}

Mar 29th 2006 2:56PM this may be a stupid question but what does a free day mean when you pay a lump 14.99/month. Is it only gonna be $14.50 this month or something?

Free Day! {WoW}

Mar 29th 2006 2:33PM This may be a stupid quesiton but if we pay for monhtly sevrice, what good does a free day do? Am I going to only pay $14.50 for this month or something?