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PvP rank statistics {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 8:40PM I wanna see some error bars! Interesting though

Guitar Hero II interview, dude {Joystiq}

Apr 17th 2006 4:33PM Ya, I agree Chris, that technique he's using is a must in difficult guitar solos, and is entirely legit.

Free Day! {WoW}

Mar 29th 2006 4:51PM Well, the other thing to remember is that the money they make per month isn't pure profit. They have enormous overhead paying their staff and upkeep on their servers.
I don't think the free day is so much make up for the recent lag issues and sever problems prepatch, but is more of a fair business deal since, in reality, due to the patch problems we lost essentially a full day of gameplay we paid for. I think Blizzard realized this, so they gave us the day back. I agree that saving 50 cents a month isn't much, but remember that costs them $2.75 million.