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The Art of War(craft): A rambling year in review {WoW}

Jan 14th 2008 6:44PM Conquer online Guild war weekend (started friday night till sunday midnight) constant can leave anytime but two sides constantly fought to hold the castle by midnight.

painfully simple pvp that was fun as hell, yeah I realise its a diablo type game..but if you are gonna bag it for that you completely missed my points I was trying to make about how pvp is present in conquer vs warcraft there is no drive, there is no pride...its not that much fun.

"brings back memories from almost 2 years ago."

The Art of War(craft): A rambling year in review {WoW}

Jan 14th 2008 6:10PM Warcraft could have 20 million subcribers if they took their stance on items/pvp/pve that a little game known as "Conqueronline." has taken....a free online game you know there are tons of those, but I happened to play this game for over a year and some of my best times where playing in that game..thats where I developed a genuine love for pvp.

What are some major changes that would make people not feel like they are wasting their efforts in warcraft like they are now?

"Items are never bound to anyone." You can use and resell any item of any quality, you can even make certain items from scratch to pown weapons all by yourself"

"All items are upgradeable, even though conquer had several patches that upped the level cap..all items had a +1,+2,+3 upgrade to you never lost anything, you never had to replace anything if you didnt want to, of course the resources to +9 a item.."highest you could go." cost a fortune..each plus increase gave your item increased stats that scale with your level so you could be original about what you wanted to use and wear and still pown face."

"there was no PVE servers, except for market/housing and 1 town...all was 100 pct PURE PVP, yes if you are naked carrying shit and someone one shotted you (trojan class can 1 shot people) you would drop your loot and cry."

"the PVP mechanis relied on hand eye coordination, no cooldown timers..just a few attacks that reflect how strong you were..but a less geared more skill player could dominated a higher better geared one who sucked at his class, I had done this countless times...killing sprees 5-6-7 people all getting 1 shotted by my reborn Trojan!."

"You made a name for yourself based on your pvp and legendary high leveled items you had, guild alliances where a necessity, they helped you stay alive in the game....pvp weekend was purely for fun and bragging rights and was actually fun!, about 100 or so people fighting for control of a castle, guild A would bring about 20 members plus as many alliances as they could get againts their main enemy guilds..and see who could dominate the castle..insanely fun at its prime before people started hacking and exploiting, server wide announcement of the winners each weekend!!"

If conqueronline handt fallen prayed to lousy customer service and hackers, I'd still be playing it...ahahhaha I still have my toon on the dragonserver: zodran lvl 130-128 Reborn trojan-trojan.

PvP was fun and exciting you relied on your skill not gear...matches werent so predictable, one guy could take on 5 and come out unhurt purely based on skill since it was all real time.

There is alot I could say, but honestly...warcraft has done a horrible job at their so called PvP...good thing I enjoy PvE more otherwise I wouldnt even play now.

Breakfast Topic: How is your PvP Battlegroup doing? {WoW}

Jan 10th 2008 11:59AM On my server,Illidan u.s PVP its probably 50/50 on all BGS except for AV which horde firmly dominated in, until for some reason alliance started boycotting AV to the point that yesterday and the day before it was AV BG daily and there where a total of 5 or 6 games on que...the alliance are a bunch of whiny pathetic kids that rather just quit trying then tough it out like the horde has been when we werent winning because of our AFK's pre 2.3 Now that we had a full rosster we dominated..rather then look to themselves they wanna call "unbalanced map." Yeah thats it..not you and your side sucking so bad you cant coordinate enough to win, on the other BGS that horde tends to lose againts premades you dont see us quitting...there is nothing better then beating an alliance premade with a pug. Its a serious problem on illidan just log on and see I'm not lying and likely its not going to change for any reason unless you give the allinance a free win or something whenever they attempt av. GG YOU NOOBS.

Everything I needed to know I learned from raid bosses {WoW}

Nov 30th 2007 3:49PM Warcraft taught me that those that say "get a life" usually don't have one. So I wonder if they are encouraging me to get a life so they can live thru my accomplishements.

Not as long as I'm sheriff.

Forum Post of the Day: What will Arthas' catchphrase be? {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 11:37AM "Your gear is shit, Now you die!"


"Fighting you is like punching babies, alot of fun and way too easy..(evil laughter, hits everyone for 15k dmg)

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Why We War {WoW}

Oct 5th 2007 3:50PM Warriors for me are my favorite class of all time, in any RPG I can ever hope to play... they seem superior and a more whole idea then other made up magical classes if that makes any sense.

the essence of a warrior goes back thru history and time itself, the foot soldier with the sword and shield is who won the victory in battles, its all leonidas had with his 300 spartans to defend greece.

because its more based in reality for me then other classes, I have a connection with being a warrior..I have two toons, a 70 warrior now spec prot atm for raiding. and a 12 lock I will never finish..because I dont care for it. I have no genuine desire to play any other class for any reason, except maybe a rogue..but even then..I still think the roll of the warrior is a much more vital one then any other class, especially in group activities...I love getting tells like, "Hey man, you are a solid tank..I will heal for you anytime." getting offers to join raiding guilds...and building a reputation as an excellent tank that other classes cant easily do. it takes time and skill to be a good prot tank. Its not for everyone..Not everyone can do It. that is why there is so few tanks..most go pvp and dps expect, and thats why there even fewer GOOD tanks..most are tied down to guilds who need them already..why would they pug anymore? I chose warrior over anything else, as any spec they are just alot of fun to play..and yes I did play as a warrior in diablo 2 LOD for a good 5 years :)

Breakfast Topic: AFK debuff {WoW}

Sep 27th 2007 11:29AM Horde are winning the 70 bracket now, just like they win every other bracket before the patch at least in my server, 4 av games yielded me 1600 honor 2 days ago, then I got over 800 from 2 games last night...out of 7 games, We've lost one.....horde always and forever dominated av, at least on my server...lazy afkers is the only reason we didnt pre patch...Not anything to do with the map.

More player titles: denied {WoW}

Sep 19th 2007 6:52PM that was PVE rating not PVP. sorry

More player titles: denied {WoW}

Sep 19th 2007 6:51PM I think titles should have a meaning behind them thats actually useful to the community, not like "Spiffywood slayer of noobs" it should be a tally at 60+ for example, if you right click on someones names it could be "titles" and it has a list of all 60+ instances completed, so this tank says hes done heroic slabs and is capable, it would show that hes done with 16 times in his record. same for raids and such..that in itself is a title or badge of honor..then you can say, you know so and so mage has done kara like 70 times...and so on, you can also get a pvp rating accompanied by a title for that rating, it would be helpful information for pugs and just to play with numbers...but this idea is taking titles beyond just text above someones name for the hell of it, its another system all together. just my 2 cents

The dynamics of Death Knights and Warriors {WoW}

Sep 18th 2007 12:32PM Tanks get no love when they are one of the most important parts of any group, last night I tanked arc/bot/mech/ 2 shattered halls one after the other...recently reached 70 and spec my warrior prot, then I come to a slabs run (all non heroic) The leader of a group cant take a joke that I said about waiting an hour to get this run going and one of the people in the group said, "I gotta hit the gym in an hour" So the hunter (OF ALL CLASSES) starts talking shit to me, because there was tons of tanks available to choose from, I defend myself verbally and he kicks me off the group....I left and tanked bot and another slabs without problems, but I made sure to talk mass shit to him to everyone on main chat, I'm not just gonna take shit from pricks who wouldnt know what tanking is and dont appreciate the idea of not wasting other peoples time..........I hope all tanks dissapear until hunters and everyone is begging for us to comeback... point of the story? dont take shit from anyone, because the only class who can be 50/50 with you as a prot tank is a healer in importance, anyone else wanna start something..Just leave... Because if you tank alot like me, you can always find other groups and plenty of people know you can tank well. people can be dickheads and be hunters all day long, they in my opinion are replaceable so I dont have much respect for one that talks out of line because hes all mad inside about something unrelated. warriors will always be main tanks. I'm happy with that position and also I'm happy with respecting for pvp :)