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Recent Comments: Let us mash your footage up. {DV Guru}

Sep 13th 2006 4:41PM And all of this online? It's really slow offline and what will be if we will move it online? Just downloading will take much time. Limit on the site is 100 mb, but all of my videos are >=500 mb

Is Podshow hijacking podcasts? {Droxy (Digital Radio)}

Sep 13th 2006 4:36PM But they might understad that revenge can come soon and it will be cruel and bloody

Skype announces video calls for the Mac {}

Sep 13th 2006 4:27PM And what about Linux version? Is it in progress?

Nokia rolls out E62 wireless email device on Cingular {The Wireless Report}

Sep 13th 2006 4:16PM So Nokia just copied Blackberries design and idea? What a dirty action it is!

Menu Master: Customize your keyboard shortcuts {Download Squad}

Sep 13th 2006 4:10PM I use keyboard shortcuts only in game and in audio player. My choice is foobar2000. I don't see any usage for programs, which help with keyboard shortcuts

AVPT: Aliens vs. PT Cruiser {Autoblog Archive}

Sep 13th 2006 3:56PM Wow, cool car. But it's collection car, I don't think anyone will ride on it at the road

StyleDash launches.... {The Jason Calacanis Weblog}

Sep 13th 2006 3:31PM My congrats for bloggers. May their future be uncloudable

How to shoot spectacular fireworks {DV Guru}

Jul 1st 2006 6:27PM Everyone gets he's own experience on shooting fireworks. I'm offering to exchange own experience in this post. Sorry, but I don't have any experience, who else will share?

Knoxville gets an Apple Store {}

Jul 1st 2006 6:04PM I'm glad that Apple is expanding. I hope in future Apple will open store in our forgotten city and I won't be able to travel hundreds of miles. And maybe even our dummy society will understand all power of Apple

Superfoods... {The Jason Calacanis Weblog}

Jul 1st 2006 5:13PM I wonder of it's taste. And how long do you drink it? Superman's secret is now available! :)