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Azeroth Interrupted: Casuals are good players too {WoW}

Aug 20th 2007 9:27AM " Quote: Everyone -- raiders, casuals, whoever -- signs up for LFG before they are ready to play. You do it too."

Personally disagree with above quote (been raiding since EQ>WOW etc), but by the by I found this an interesting read.

To me whatever available time you have to play the game there are people that have different attitudes that are no different from any other social walk of life.
For example:

Arrogant - that would be the people that rush through and whine about their PUGs. (I wish we'd come up with this guild name first by the way, I think it's very good)

Kind - PLing people or grouping with people through some instance that they have done hundreds of times and explaining what to do and how it works and being generally nice to people that have less play time and don't know as much about the game as they do.

And so on...

Are all raiders elitist jerks in the true sense?
Are all casual players crap?
Can we split 8 million Warcraft players into two or three categories?
Nope - but let's have fun trying!

Keep writing, it's enjoyable to read - don't let the over-reacting posts get you down.
Love the over-reaction from a variety of posters.