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Pricy mounts support goldsellers {WoW}

Oct 9th 2007 6:05PM How about tickets.... works for festivals.

Build Shop: Priest 14/0/47 (interview with Skosiris) {WoW}

Sep 19th 2007 1:04AM This is a terrible Raiding build for a Shadow Priest.

Starting dedicated PvE Shadow Priest should use this build.

You need to put 5/5 in Shadow Focus so you get the 10% + Spell Hit Bonus.

All starting Shadow Priest should work on getting their +Spell hit to 76 with the 5/5 Shadow Focus and must have 3/3 Shadow Affinity to reduce agro. As they start to craft their gear or get gear from Kara they should focus on getting as much +spell hit and +spell damage.

As the +spell hit increases to 100, points can be removed out of shadow focus and put into Improved Mindblast.

Once the +spell hit hits 136 (Capped) you can move one more point out of Shadow Focus for 3/5 and drop the improved VE for 5/5 in improved MB.

When geming your gear, use the forula +Spell Hit > +Spell Damage > +Spell Crit. I tend to Gem my gear for the set bonus, other Shadow Priest tend to just gem + max spell damage. As long as you priortize +Damage over +Crit, you should be good, just don't neglect Crit.

Spell Rotations I tend to stick with VT, IF+SWP, MB, SWD, MF, MF, MB, MF, SWD. This works well for Trash and you will lead the meters a lot.

Boss Fights, I tend to VT, IF+SWP, MF, MF, MF. at 50% I pot, at the next 50% mark, I Mana Fiend, and the next 50% or after 2 min, another pot. Last 15% of the boss, I will add MB - VT, SWP, MB, MF, MF, MB.

You probably want to invest the time to create a Inner Focus (IF) macro that fires SWP or what ever you want.

This is my build currently. We have Kara and Gruul on Farm at this time, so I hope to get my mindblade and Belt of Divine Inspiration, and lost pendant with sights on Tier 5 Helm and Pants from SSC and Cord of Screaming Terrors from Lurker.

But that is just my thought, they could be improved by better shadow priest out there.

Azeroth Interrupted: Casuals are good players too {WoW}

Aug 21st 2007 9:01AM This article is bad on so many levels. The fundemental flaw is that you are comparing a throwing a bullet to shooting one. Comparing a casual player to a dedicated Raider or PvPer is really know comparison.

I think the problem that the author is trying to solve with all their examples and classifications is that sometimes dedicated players do not have time or have the emotional fort to handle players who make a ton of mistakes.

Here is a message to all the "Casuals" if you want to not be labled as a "Casual" then show some commitment.

- If you Rep Grinding and Gear farming instances

* If you haven't done the instance before, make sure everyone knows so they have realistic expectation for your ability and will make allowances for screw ups. Most people can empathize with someones first time through. Those that can't .... you are doing them a favor by not inviting them into a marathon Shadow Labs run.

* Read boss strats before going to make sure you have an idea on what to do.

* First priority is to unlock your Helm and Shoulder Enchants for your class, and work on rep that will unlock better gear for your classes from the vendor. This might mean you run to the first boss a lot in some pugs due to people level of non commitment to pugs.

* Come with a PvE build to PvE content and learn to manage your threat based on party makeup.... KTM and Omen are key here.

* For an easier time Come prepared to play a traditional role for your class that is useful in 5 person raids.

* If you are one of those trying to make a non-standard class work you will have to have a lot of patients and don't try to fit a Square peg into a round hole. (Shadow Priest (You probably can't main heal a 5 person instance unless you have +1600 heal gear - and you can't main heal a heroic, Fire Mages (No Agro Dump) when you pull agro so you will die, Boomkin used to have the same problem as Fire Mages... probably improved, Arms Furry Warrior... etc).

*Enchant & Gem your gear with appropriate levels of enchants... Healers should max enchant all their blues even if they play to replace them in a day (+81,+35,+20) is a lot of + healing to leave on the table for priest, druids, Pallys, and Shamans. So get them. Tanks want to minimize Crit potiential ASAP.

*Learn to fish & cook (Bonus stats for free) and use consumables wisely.

*Learn to take some abuse. It is human nature to want want to have Status. Don't take it personally, and remember you are there to get gear and rep farm... not solve the worlds problems and be EMO. If you are playing WOW to feel apprechiated or validated in some way... you are playing for the wrong reasons. I use the same approach to play WoW that I use to play poker... I am there for a purpose. In poker it is to win your money.... not your respect. In WoW I pug to gain rep and get access and to gain some gear... not to watch you learn to play your improperly speced under geared character, hear about how bad your internet provider, computer, or living situation is.

* Install and listen in at a minimum on Vent

* Get a computer and internet connection that can play WoW. Meaning if the computer is older then the game, it is to old. Turn your spell detail up too, so that way you know when you are standing in an AOE effect, etc.

* Learn the formula for success. Level of commitment (Factor is 1 to 10) multiplied by ability to accept change to be successful(Factor is 1 to 10) = % chance for success.
--- If you level of commitment is a 5 and your ability to accecpt change is 5 that equals 25% so you have a 25% chance to succeed. When evaluating your failures, see if you can use that forumla to help identify your problems. (ie. Is it a lack of commitment or lack of not making nessesary changes) I do it all the time in my guild.

*Learn to problem solve: Defining the problem is 50% of the solution. Is it a Tanking, DPS, Healing, CC, or a positioning issue? That is a good start.

Reader UI of the Week: Justo {WoW}

Aug 21st 2007 8:07AM This Add-on pack pack / UI is so 2006. I mean AGUF? Who uses this these days. I bet this guy spends like a day or two downloading all the addon updates.

Although the value of his add-on package is the bottom part that list all the hunter add-ons he uses.