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Breakfast Topic: Dual specs {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 8:28AM On my lock? Destruction for raiding as I have been specced for the past couple months (by choice, and it has been beneficial), but for dailies and knocking off the last bit of icecrown/sholozar? Can't wait to get my felguard back. Call him a guilty pleasure but I miss the guy.

That's what dual specs'll be great for in terms of casual play I think. Beyond the old dual-raiding specs or pvp/pve, there's going to be a lot of semi-casuals out there thinking "Hey, cool! I can have my favourite non-raid/pvp-viable spec back for my downtime!".

It ain't a bad thing ;)

Is it really OK for Arthas to be 10-mannable? {WoW}

May 10th 2008 10:29PM Yes it is perfectly bloody ok to ten-man Arthas. Why? Because my character is supposed to be the centre of "my" WoW story, and Arthas is supposed to be that final battle our individual stories are supposed to draw towards.

You know, I consider myself a bit of a lore buff and as much as you can claim "I'm a lore nerd, Arthas is too powerful for 25 people to fight, let alone ten!" Can you seriously put an arbitrary number on these encounters from a story perspective?

The whole point of the GAME is to make you feel as though you're growing in strength, abilities and power. Obviously as individuals our characters are no Thrall or Lothar, but they're getting pretty damn close by level 70 even. According to whatever factions we're exhalted with we're their sole greatest champions worthy of praise and adulation. Let's just ignore the 4 other guys you did the quests with eh? Just part of how an MMO makes "you" feel special.

Anyways, I'm veering off-topic. The big thing is that for the first time ever we should appreciate the fact that Blizzard is weighing accessibility of *content* versus accessibility of *rewards* and seperating the two.

If I'm in a casual guild, don't care as much about the top epic loot and just want the fulfillment of facing an important enemy (especially considering all the leadup to illidan while levelling to 70 and then just having it all fizzle out for casuals when they hit the raid wall), then yes, my supposedly heroic and undefeatable gnome who can set things on fire with his mind and summon waves of demons should be able to face down the lich king with nine other people of equal stature at 80.

Anyway.... Rant over.

Riding around Northrend {WoW}

Jan 4th 2008 7:11AM I think the thing people need to remember is that Blizzard have stated they're NOT blocking flying mounts in Northrend. All they're doing is not letting you use them until about level 68-70, which I kind of agree with.

It lends a more epic feel to the content if you are kind of shepharded through. It also makes the land seem bigger.One has to admit that Outland certainly became a smaller place when we could fly everywhere.

My only objection is going to be anything more than a NOMINAL cost to enable your flyer at the right level. I have deep worries about a 10,000g wing defrosting fee :-/

Patch 2.3 and you: PvP edition {WoW}

Sep 27th 2007 7:16AM This whole system isn't a change for the better. I can understand on an intellectual level why the dev team do these kind of things, but it's still just so... Mean spirited.

90% of people who could be classified as "every damn noob having an arena weap" or those casual people who grabbed level 60 epic PVP gear when the initial pre-BC honour changes went in, generally think "hey, this is nice. Blizzard are actually thinking of *me* for once. I can get something *cool* without having to put in 12 hours a day".

It'll be interesting to see how this change ripples through the arena community. If my prediction comes to light then a very large percentage of the teams who do their 10 matches a week in the hope of having a gear set in 6 months will pretty much give up, arenas will decline significantly in popularity and all those people who are saying right now "Yeah, about time! Why SHOULD these nubs have welfare epix?!1!" will be in for a nasty surprise when they find those casual teams propping them up in the ratings aren't there, thusly lowering their comparative rating to below what is needed to purchase gear.

We won't shed a tear for that lot.

World of Warcraft pwning teh PC games market {Joystiq}

Mar 31st 2006 9:48AM Well, as someone who was hooked on WoW for over a year, I can say there's some truth to the whole "not buying other games" thing. The only exception to this was Splinter Cell 3, which I went out and wasted $90 on, only to get bored with it in 1/2 an hour. It was on my HD for 3 months before I uninstalled it (A month later I found out it when doing some digging that it had installed the Starforce drivers on my computer. There's your incentive to legitimize your software folks).
Anyway. WoW. Insanely addictive, And a great ammount of fun to be had when you're levelling to 60, or at 60 when you're with friends. I found though that I had zero tolerance for the whole "farming" thing when I wasn't levelling a character, and I only just started the scheduled high-end raids when I made the decision to hose my account and get my life back on track. Trust me. Even if you're having fun, being social and all that, the post-60 options are all work. Scheduled work. And it does impact on your life. You're either spending your fridays, saturdays and sundays at pre-allocated times spending most of the day killing fire elementals and dragons, or you're spending regular 3-5 hour stints a night waiting in BG queues. Either way that's time taken away from your homework, your TV, other games, your night on the town, your spouse, kids, whatever. It can be fun and even something shared between couples, but it does get addictive.
The irony that I have OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While I've finally and luckily divorced myself of WoW, I have "normal" friends who are on the verge of failing degrees they've got years invested in, and I know people whose relationships have suffered.
So, there it is folks. Yes its fun, but keep an eye on yourself and limit your playtime. Embrace the "casual" content.