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New toys for Engineers {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 11:59PM Uh... if you trained to be an Engineer for the "usefulness" of it, you're missing the point. Seriously. Engineering is the most FUN profession in the game. Exploding Sheep? Tiny Walking Bombs? Rocket Launchers? Poultryizers? Come on.

Yes, Engineering could craft more useful items but in all seriousness, that's not the point behind the profession. It's the craziest profession of all, and the Flying Machine makes it all worth it, believe me. I have absolutely no regrets with Engineering in 2.3. -- I log on to my Shaman just to fly around Turbo-Charged. It's THAT fun. I rolled Engineering to make the Tiny Walking Bomb, which IMO is still the best vanity pet in the game.

Engineering is about having fun, not about raid utility. That's what all the other professions are for. Engineering allows the Engineer to do a little of everything. If the items they made - like the Net Projector - were usable by just anyone, it would be a pretty boring game. The few things that Engineers can make that are useful to others, like the Repair Bot and (in 2.3) the Potion Injectors, should be enough. If Blizzard adds more in the future, great. If not, Engineering is STILL the most FUN profession out there.

You can make TOYS. Come on. If you're asking for more utilitarian items, then you've missed the point by a mile.

The Light and How to Swing It: Maximizing Paladin DPS, Part 1 {WoW}

Oct 16th 2007 11:31PM I variably raid as Retribution in 10 and 25-mans, and the DPS increase is noticeable. With virtually the same class make-up, we down bosses significantly faster. Currently, the additional 3% crit Improved SotC gives to EVERY raid member is pretty good. If in a DPS group, there's an additional 2% to all damage done. It's extremely useful.

You also missed an important point on why to bring a Retribution Paladin to a raid. Renewed Judgements. Crusader Strike refreshes all Judgements on a mob. This means that other Paladins can drop Light or Wisdom, and you can keep the Judgement up giving health or mana back to every DPS class throughout the fight, extending raid longevity.

Retribution Paladins in patch 2.3: buffed or betrayed? {WoW}

Oct 13th 2007 3:38AM EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has remarked about Paladins not needing passive threat reduction or an aggro dump HAS NEVER PLAYED A RETRIBUTION PALADIN in raids. Period. Unless you've played Retribution in a raid, you will never understand how the 1:1 damage-threat ratio without any passive aggro dump (NO, bubble doesn't reduce threat IN ANY WAY. It just shoos the mob away for 12 secs and will be right back on you once bubble's over) is so hard to manage. Even if you stay below the tanks' threat levels, a burst of crits (white damage + CS + Seal/Judgement) will push you over the threat threshold with no means of dropping it.

If you haven't played a Retribution Paladin in a raid, please SHUT UP before you put your foot in your mouth. People pointing to BoSalv as a solution are people who do NOT raid. Everyone in a 25-man raid is likely to have BoSalv EXCEPT the tanks. Even Warriors now get threat reduction with Improved Berserker Stance. Even Shadow Priests get Shadow Affinity.

Retribution Paladins further lost raid desirability with 2.3 with making the effects of Sanctified Crusader baseline. While this is a welcome change, it's one more reason not to take a Retribution Pally because now any other Paladin can give the debuff. It's been documented in the forums that no lead developer in Blizzard has played a Paladin from 1-70. Is it any wonder that they don't know what to do with the class?

The sad state of BG healing {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 11:26PM @1 I heal in BGs, I heal in Arenas, I heal in raids. I've topped healing done in BGs many times. But people like you make me sick. Paladins are a hybrid class and swinging 2-handed hammers are one thing Paladins can do. Sometimes, just to have fun, I like to re-spec to Ret just to take a break from healing all the time. I wish all Paladins knew who your character is. I'd guarantee you that you'll never get a heal.

More mount mayhem {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 1:44AM @2 A blue has specifically stated that the new Engineering flying mount will not malfunction. It would be extremely unfortunate if it were to explode over some place where you wouldn't be able to retrieve your body. I'm certainly glad I stuck to Engineering. I was certain they'd make a craftable mount one day. Dead certain. I had my bets on the machines from Gnomer, but I guess I was happily wrong. They made a FLYING mount (I was secretly hoping for one, too)! Thank you, Blizz!

Pricy mounts support goldsellers {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 1:31AM 5k isn't that hard to get, specially with the new quests. Gold farmers will get gold even without the daily quests, but the dailies help "normal" players earn gold at a faster rate. The only thing needed is a variety on the daily quests, and I think they're bringing that in with 2.3 (hooray Battlegrounds dailies!).

Anyone who's earned and spent the gold for the epic training will tell you it's worth it. It won't take 1 week (well, for some lucky few maybe), but it's easily achievable with some discipline. Besides... you've known since the release of BC how much it costs. Save up while leveling up. I got my epic flyers on both toons as soon as they hit 70 because I was working on the Gold as I leveled up.

The real Griftah story {WoW}

Sep 26th 2007 1:51PM I buy the Tikbalang Ward and give it to friends who start playing World of Warcraft. The Tikbalang is a half-horse half-man creature from Philippine Mythology and I was so thrilled to find that it found its way into WoW. I'm Filipino so I found this pretty cool. Now, whenever a fellow Filipino starts playing WoW, I make it a point to send them a gift-wrapped Tikbalang Ward as a sort of welcome present to the game.

Forum post of the day: What do you do with 12k gold? {WoW}

Sep 10th 2007 7:13PM 10k gold isn't much, if you consider epic flying mount training which costs 5k. I have 2 70s, both with epic flying mounts, and I still have a few thousand to spare. My wife, on the other hand, has 2 70s both on epic flyers, full epic crafted gear on her priest, and about 11k gold. She has her own money-making techniques which involve a variety of things from crafting to AH trolling and a few dailies.

Daily quests alone will net you 120-150 gold a day, with vendor trash factored in. In about a week of doing daily quests, you'll manage to earn about 1k gold. It's really not that hard to do. It just takes patience and prudence in spending. My wife would never spend for something she could farm, for example.

My thinking? Save the money for Guild Housing. =)

The Light and How to Swing It: Paladin macros {WoW}

Aug 29th 2007 5:05AM @9 - I don't think Elizabeth was wrong when she called Ret "the most-vilified spec in WoW". Whether it's the fastest/best way to level isn't the issue. Besides, you obviously haven't tried AoE leveling, which uses the Prot spec. That, arguably, is the fastest way to level.

The Light and How to Swing It: Paladin macros {WoW}

Aug 29th 2007 1:16AM One thing to note is that casting a Seal doesn't activate the GCD for Judgement, so it's actually pretty useful to create seal macros that are bound with Judgement. For example:

/cast Seal of Righteousness
/cast Judgement

This macro creates what amounts to an instant direct damage spell as long as you are within range (substitute the appropriate Seal where it aplies). Also, Hammer of Justice doesn't activate the GCD on Judgement, either, so for Retadins, who almost always have Seal of Command up, it's useful to make this macro:

/cast Hammer of Justice
/cast Judgement

This stuns your opponent and unleashes Seal of Command at virtually the same time, again making it an instant direct damage spell that stuns.