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Know Your Lore: Good dragons {WoW}

Sep 28th 2007 2:07AM Considering what the Horde did to the Red Dragon flight at Grim Batol in the 2nd War, I can understand why they would be suspicious. Dragons are supposed to be aloof from Mortals (even when they take a hand in shaping the mortal world and protecting it. I mean, it's not like you see dragons walking down the street), so being enslaved would be a big blow to them, and it could be years before the repercussions wear off and they are more trusting.


Or they're just guarding something and want you to go away. Knowing Blizzard, that's probably the case.

Second Halo short sneaks online {Joystiq}

Aug 23rd 2007 2:25PM I think your being far to critical, almost to the point of being unfair.

I thought it was an exceptional short, with a MUCH higher production value than Arms Race.

We watched as ODST's moved through a Warzone, fought off low level brutes(Who have power armor, not energy Shields. After a degree of damage their armor is destroyed, and you can kill the brutes). The level of detail was great, you saw plasma contrails, Spiker Rounds, We even watched as the Brutes put down a Energy Barrier at one point.

We even got to see the WETA Warthog in action.