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Liveblog: World of Warcraft PvP Panel at BlizzCon {WoW}

Aug 8th 2007 8:50AM @ 19

the quote from 13 is stupid, i agree. but getting enough points to get the arena weapons as a casual, without sucking, would let you get that 1750 rating.

@ 16

i think what he meant is that WoW PvP is very casual friendly at lvl 70. we all know it's not friendly towards new players and levellers in the lower brackets, but hey, it never will be.

at lvl 70, WoW PvP is extremely casual friendly, and by casual i mean the peeps who, like me, work 8 hours a day and have RL commitments. do some BG's, get some honor, buy some epixx. simple as cake. what's not user friendly about that? of course the hardcore will get better gear faster, but would it be fair that ppl who play 24/7 get gear at the same rate as ppl who play 4 hours a day in average?

you see the top teams with 2.1-2.4k rating in areas etc, and they don't just play a lot. they're really good (bar the ones with ezmode, cookie cutter setups). any casual can get a high rating over time, provided they know how to play, and thus get more arena points and faster epix.

@ 14

during AV weekend last week, i lost one BG, and that was an AV. however, i got something like 40 AV marks of honor, so horde was dominating that as well. from my experience horde usually do better than alliance in PVP, however there are exceptions. the new 10-15 man BG's won't make any difference in that aspect.

and yeah, the new "AV" zone sounds cool, ill be sure to visit it :)