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The Queue: The Queue needs you! {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2010 2:25PM So they can make an expansion for level 90, level 95, then level 97.5, and finally level 100. (Not sure but there are rumors of a level 99.9 cap in the works.) Business 101 make as much money off the fools while you can.

Maintenance day loot from {WoW}

May 25th 2010 1:22PM Do not need the loot; and my luck I will win your contest instead of the lottery, but what the heck, here's my comment. Plus I will love to say "told you so" when all the comments posted here are using their log in email for Blizzard and they get hacked.

Breakfast Topic: Bugging out {WoW}

Feb 9th 2009 12:27PM Winter Grasp bugs that needs to be fixed are vehicles passing through the inner wall of the keep and the workshop in the keep not manned.

The wall is not even at "halflife", it is intact and a vehicle can be on the other side of it. I have even seen it be one of the first vehicles that gets to the wall and then "pop" its on the other side and heading for the relic door.

The other bug is one of the workshops inside the keep, east side I think, not having a goblin inside to make vehicles. If you mouse over the building, the healthbar may be down, but not completed gone. I have been on both offense and defense, but when I am on offense, the workshops have to be completed destroyed before you see the goblin run out and that takes more that one or two lucky shots over the wall to do. So I can not understand how the workshop can be unuseable within just a few minutes of the battle beginning.

Not sure if a bug but, someone in my raid group was typing he was inside the relic room (before they made it an instant click) while we were still fighting and trying to destroy the door. He say he could not click the relic, but when you looked at the mini map, he was located on the other side of the door. Has anyone had this happen to them? I died, rezzed and by the time I got back the door was down and the room full of people with the battle over within the next few seconds. Only happened that one time for me, and it was over so quickly I can not say if it can be considered a bug or not.

Breakfast Topic: Future Death Knights in the audience? {WoW}

Aug 24th 2007 12:32PM I will have a Death Knight but unlike the level 60+ Draenei shaman that I pug'ed with in Ramparts only one week after the expansion set was release, I will not be in a rush. Why, because either he paid for someone to level the toon or bought it off Ebay, and you could tell be his lack of skills he did not know how to play. Same will be said for all the Death Knights that are running around only weeks after the expansion. Oh there with be a few veterans mixed in that know how to play, but even they will still be learning how to play the best.

For now, I will just wait for Blizz to come out with more information on Death Knights. Questions like which class or race can become a Death Knight and what will I loose from the race or class I choose to make a Death Knight. Will my Draenei warrior still have Gift of the Naaru? Will my rogue still be able to lockpick or apply poisons; or at least use Treasure Finding, being a dwarf? And new weapons to learn! It will be a rofl moment to watch a newly crowned Death Knight running around Elwynn Forest trying to get 2H sword from 1 to 350.

The talk is coming back at a lower level, and although I would love to take a level 55 Death Knight through all the battlegrounds, how can Blizz have them become Death Knights at any level other than 70. What about skills they already have paid to learn like 540g for epic riding, 800g for flying mount or even 5000g for epic flying?

Of course these are small issues compared to the player with a toon named Kneestabber, Treehugger, or Cutepinkbunny; they have to go around with a Death Knight named as such. (P.S. I do not know any players with these actual names, so no offense.)

Shamanistic suggestions {WoW}

Aug 24th 2007 11:53AM Totems should start at a set health level and then as the rank increase and as the player's level increase the health increases. Let's say the Stoneskin Totem (Rank 1) starts with the normal 5 health when you learn it at level 4. With each level you gain, the health will increase, so when you learn Stoneskin Totem (Rank 2) the health has increased to say 15 for Stoneskin Totem (Rank 1) and Stoneskin Totem (Rank 2) starts with 25 health. This will be the pay off for using the additional mana.

If there was a health increase, then I would not mind seeing totems being damged by AOE. However, if they are going to stay at 5 health, then I would not want AOE to affect them.

For CC, yes an air totem that envelopes the mob in a dust storm, twister, or cyclone would be nice. Like the one used by The Ancient Stone Keeper in Uldaman. Since totems can not be targeted to a set mob, have it a traveling whirlwind, that affects mobs on a set radius as it moves in a random pattern around the area and then returning to the totem attacking mobs closest to the shaman. The return attack would keep it from stealing aggro from the shaman and having the NPC mobs attack the totem immediately and having cast the totem being a waste. In PVP, it will cause the tank to either stop attacking the shaman to attack the totem or allow it to disrupt casters, ranged attacks, and healers as it moves through the crowd. Also just as a mage's Frost Nova or a priest's Psychic Scream can cause problems if used in a crowded uncleared area, having it move can cause additional adds if used incorrectly.