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M'uru nerfed in 2.4.3 {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 11:31AM IJennie, if you poke me on irc ( then I'll explain the difference between the 4 and 3 tank strategy, it's really huge on M'uru.

M'uru nerfed in 2.4.3 {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 5:10AM Yeps, going with 4 tanks adds a lot of uncertainty and randomness to the fight, on top of that you'll need an other healer also, costing you 2 DPS spots, which is a lot for both phase 1 and 2.

And yes, all guides use 4 tanks, as they all copy each other and don't question if that really is the best strategy, which is inst. In the end all guilds use the strategy posted on such sites and do it the hard way.

I've don Muru both the hard way and the easy way, the difference is huge.

And all that QQing over the setup requirements, they're quite low, 1 shaman, one prot pally and 3 hunters is a must for our strategy, the rest is quite flexible.

But in the end I understand that it needs to be nerfed, Blizz wants people to see KJ, if Muru is (for whatever reason) blocking people from reaching KJ, then the nerf bat is obviously going to strike him

M'uru nerfed in 2.4.3 {WoW}

Jul 16th 2008 4:14AM " However, some of the problems that M'uru represents aren't affected by this announcement at all. Guilds who had serious roster issues when they suddenly needed 10 or 11 reliable healers for the Eredar Twins, then only six (but four tanks) for M'uru, still have to overcome those issues. Sure, the relaxed DPS requirement means you can possibly take an extra healer to M'uru now, which makes rotations a little fairer, but it doesn't really solve the problem. "
The main problem with Muru is shown right here, four tanks, people are just using the wrong strategy all over the place. Using 4 tanks is a very clear indication that you are making he encounter complexer then it is, which isn't to good seen that it already is quite a hard fight.

But it is still sad that Blizzard is nerfing this encounter while it is very doable if you use the right strategy, we take Muru down really fast, if it takes more then one try per week then that is a disappointment.

Making/Money: My value chains are broken {Massively}

Apr 28th 2008 6:53AM Value chains might not always be valid in WoW, but knowing some about this isn't a bad thing at all.

How many people you know combine lets say Herb with Alch, saying they can use the alch profession to make potions using their own herbs and earn money selling those pots on AH. Pointing them to the fact that the Alch prof doesn't add any value to their herbs is something a lot of people fail to realise. If they knew the concept of the value chain they would see that making the potions doesn't add value and even sometimes destroys value.

The drums of progress {WoW}

Apr 11th 2008 3:57PM The recent invasion of drums if cause of the range increase drums gotten a few patches ago.

During the beta of TBC I made a post on the guild forums (Beyond Redemption at that time) about everyone going LWking, as LWing seemed as the biggest additional value to a raid of all profs. But sadly they turned out to be quite weak cause of a very very limited range, 10 yards or something. When a few patches ago that range got increased to 40y, it was clear that LW is the way to go to increase the raid dps.

So it has nothing to do with haste being good or bad, all about oppertunity costs.

Hybrid Theory: Brutallus and You {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 5:46AM I'd say you're exaggerating quite a lot, and leaving several factors out of your comparison.

A enh shaman boosts the melee dps yes, but a resto shaman can already do the WF/SoE totem, so an enh adds improved WF, unleashed rage.

The use of elemental shaman is quite debatable, depends more on how many resto shamans you bring then how good the elemental is, as it's not such a big improvement over a resto shaman in buffs.

Oomkin buffs with his aura, but I doubt if that is enough hidden damage to make up for his lowered dps, someone would need to do some theocrafting on that.

Ret pally is good if you don't bring 3 holly pallies, if you do, I wouldn't bring him as 4th paladin.

So the amount of buffs the hybrids add depend a lot on how many of their man specs you bring, if you bring a lot of droods/priests to heal, the offspec shaman/pally will be worth it, if you mainly use pallies/shamans to heal, the offspecs aren't that hot.

Are raiders becoming obsolete? {WoW}

Feb 27th 2008 11:31AM o_0 Didnt expect it to pop up here.

Anyway, you did understand really good what I was (trying) to say, not an attack on casuals getting loot or even my own gear (as gear is nothing more then a tool for killing bosses to us), but about the position raiders have in the world of warcraft.

One thing you did understand incorrect is that pre-TBC raiding wasnt all about getting epics (for some it was of course) but it was the only way of getting epics (rank 14 set, also, but y, thats rank 14), the one doesnt automacticly imply the other.

Raid Rx: Basic healer raid design {WoW}

Jan 9th 2008 11:30AM Sorry, but you're missing the point.

"The key to Burning Crusade raiding is variety"

Eh no ? With the introduction of 25 man raids it became a mather of covering your needs (tank/raid healing while maximising the amount of buffs.

You clearly do this with a 3 pally, 3 resto shaman, 1 resto drood, 1 priest setup (where 4 shamans and 0 droods could be used also, but then you always need a feral drood with imp MotW.)

Are droods/priests bad heal classes ? no, absolutely not. But you dont need all the fancy stuff they bring to the raid. Tank healing is covered by pallies and raid healing by shamans, thats the basic need of a raid and that's covered.

Is the Horseman too easy? {WoW}

Oct 19th 2007 5:31PM lol at te OP.

"Arena players, however, cried foul-- they said the Arena weapons had become "welfare epics."

It are raiders that complained about all the PvP items being welfare epics, you can get them all for free. And by this they made epics basicly worthless, epics for which raiders had to work hard.

Learn2raid: A beginner's guide, part 1 {WoW}

Sep 20th 2007 11:13AM One of the most important things for when you are thinking about raiding is missing.

"Am I content with what wil be my role in raids and am I willing to do this over a longer period".

Your role in raiding wil be limited, either tank, heal or dps. So dont expect to be able to d oa bit of each or to switch between tasks once in a while. Know what your role in raids wil be and be sure that you are ok with that. Starting to raid as a healer, get some gear/experience and then realise that healing in raids isnt your thing is a wast of your and the guilds time. So know what your task wil be and be willing to do this over a longer period of time.