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Apple releases Boot Camp 1.1 beta {}

Aug 17th 2006 2:08AM 22 - No...sadly, it still exists.

To Merge, Or Not To Merge? {WoW}

Mar 6th 2006 1:37PM I play on Bloodscalp where recently the guild i've been part of for awhile (Killer Rabbits LLP) merged with the Wyld Stallyns. I always enjoyed how laid-back the Killer Rabbits were, and I'm not sure I'm going to like being part of the Wyld Stallyns. We'll see what happens, but I'm sure I'll eventually be leaving the guild.

Flickr Find: iPod nano desk dock {}

Mar 5th 2006 12:44AM Awesome idea! I'm doing this today for sure.

Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple Remote {}

Mar 3rd 2006 6:12PM I'm having a few issues with Front Row on my 17" Core Duo since the update.

FIrst off, if I have "Play Front Row sound effects" turned on in System Prefs, then the sound when I move up/down, etc doesn't play properly. Sometimes when I move the selection, it makes the sound, sometimes it doesn't. This annoyed me, so I turned off the menu sounds.

Secondly, if I bring up Front Row, then exit it and try to go back into it, it either comes up, or doesn't come up at all and I have to reboot.

Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple Remote {}

Mar 3rd 2006 1:51PM @ Doug

System Prefs > Security > Disable remote control infared receiver

Or you can just enable pairing. Point the remote at the IR port, press and hold NEXT and MENU for 5 seconds. Makes it so the computer only works with the remote it's paired with.

Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple Remote {}

Mar 3rd 2006 12:44PM @ Scott McNulty

That's how I have it setup now, but I hate having to wait 5 minutes while I try to sleep before it shuts off. Why can't they just make it so if you tap the power, it shuts off the display, and if you hold it for 5 seconds, it shuts it down?

Just thinking about it while sitting here at work is angering me. :/

Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple Remote {}

Mar 3rd 2006 11:32AM There's also a button combo to bind the remote to a certain device...volume up and menu at the same maybe? I don't remember....

Also, while on the topic of sleep mode, I wish there was a way to just turn the monitor off on my iMac Core Duo instead of putting the machine to sleep. This is the one thing that annoys me to no end.

Proteus is now free {}

Feb 23rd 2006 8:04PM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Heh, that should read "I HATE variable width tabs"...I can't type today. :/

Proteus is now free {}

Feb 23rd 2006 8:03PM When the UB comes out, I'm dropping Adium and switching back to Proteus. The reason I hate Adium is because:

1) A connection error has occured: Could not send.
2) I have variable width tabs.

Since I have a license for Proteus from when I had my iBook, I'll gladly go back to it. There's not one issue I have with it. Adium has too many quirks for me.