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On difficulty level and involvement {WoW}

Aug 28th 2007 1:16AM Some people play games for the challenge. It is fun overcoming challenges and when people get good enough they seek better challenges. This is why people go into competitive gaming. This is why after playing a good single player game through the first time they up the difficulty mode the second time around. Who hasn't at some point played a game and eventually played it on Ultra Hard mode?

WoW's appeal has never been that it presented a good challenge. It's all about accessibility. MMOs in general are blasted for not requiring any "skill" and mostly time. In the end, the game is fun and you can even play with your grandma!

PTR Notes: Changes for 8/28 {WoW}

Aug 28th 2007 12:59AM Actually, those flasks have been in the PTR builds for some time now. Probably just recently added it to the patch notes. Flask of Pure Death replaced Flask of Shadow Fortification and Flask of Blinding Light replaces Flask of Arcane Fortification. To make up for the loss of resistance flasks, the Flask the Chromatic Wonder will replace these. It increases resists to all schools by the same amount (35 to all instead of one school).

What class can't you play? {WoW}

Aug 28th 2007 12:44AM Warrior by far the beginning levels are just a headache. They have nothing but auto-attack so they're a paladin without heals. I know from the PTR that at high levels it gets better.

Next would be shaman, I actually have a 63 one. Yeah he's high level, but he's never made it to level cap and he's been around since LAUNCH. It has never been a pleasure to play him. I thought maybe if I got high enough level it will be fun. I was wrong. I die a lot on him... even got the improved reincarnation talent... doesn't-help-at-all. So many useless totems.

Though up until recently I included hunters and mages on this list.

Hunter play is so basic and boring and the beginning levels are tough without a pet. So I bought some 9 dps exploding shot ammo and powered to 20 so it's a little better. The hunt for new pet abilities doesn't help either since you gotta travel all over for them and need a guide as well to even know X creature has Y ability. The xpac put in dragonhawks that have a scalable ability so no need to run around taming for new ranks.

Mages... I hate the kill/drink routine. I don't like breaks in my grinding just sitting there staring at my screen for 30 seconds after every 1-2 kills. I played a high level one on PTR and it's SOOO much better. 40 kills without ever drinking. So that motivated me to suck it up at the early levels and get one higher (and somone told me to get clear casting ASAP to help out with that). He's 25 now. Just waiting on rest xp.