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The Road to Mordor: Ten up, ten down {Massively}

Oct 8th 2011 1:15PM I'm hoping we see more added to this "expansion," but only time will tell.

However, I am having a blast leveling a new elf hunter alone on a new server.

I was so focused on the level cap and "end game" that I was forgetting to enjoy what the game has to offer. Sure, is killing 150 wargs for a new virtue level a fun thing to do? No, it isn't. But the loot you collect can be turned in for tasks, traded with friends and kinmates, sold to a vendor, auctioned, etc. I also happen to have a quest to kill those very same wargs, so I finish that rather quickly. I'm gaining base exp from the kills, a nice chunk more of exp for the task items, a nice chunk of change or useful items, a quest completed, a deed completed, and I've maxed out my class trait deed advancement for the day. I'd say that's quite a bit to accomplish just by hunting down some angry puppies.

Warhammer Online: Three years later {Massively}

Sep 18th 2011 5:57PM @NeverDeath Awesome post. As a Bright Wizard player that rolled at launch I had absolutely no idea what kind of power I had in my hands for the first couple weeks. I did not play any other class until much later because once I stepped into scenarios with my AoE build I was hooked. Personally, it was what put me off MOST about the game... I felt like I was cheating. I could kill or critically injure groups of 6+ people at a time, and, to be honest, the thrill didn't last much longer than a month. I hopped to other classes, realized how incredibly dull most of them were, then cancelled my sub.

The Daily Grind: What zone creeps you out? {Massively}

Sep 18th 2011 7:21AM Ragnarok Online: the Somatology Labs (Biolabs), just creepy as hell. Also, pretty much anywhere in Glast Heim.

LotRO: Angmar gives me the willies.

WoW: Duskwood & Silverpine Forest used to both scare me a lot when I first began the game.

Guild Wars: Post-Searing Ascalon... all the destruction and the eerie glowing crystals everywhere.

iPhone MMORPG Empire Online comes to North America {Massively}

Jan 12th 2011 12:30PM @Machinator Pocket Legends is on Android.

BlizzCon store's 48-hour online pre-sale {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 2:29AM No, sorry I worded my question strangely. I meant that, BlizzCon goers have been getting e-mailed a bar code if they are going to the live convention. I was wondering if virtual ticket holders will be getting anything else in their e-mail, or if the confirmation/purchase receipt we have is all we need to access the merchandise & live feed.

BlizzCon store's 48-hour online pre-sale {WoW}

Oct 8th 2010 12:41AM Just wondering, if you have a virtual ticket will you be mailed anything else in addition to the order confirmation received for the purchase?

The Daily Grind: Would you play a weird MMO? {Massively}

Oct 7th 2010 2:18PM I'd love a weird out-of-the-ordinary MMO. Especially if it broke away from the typical fantasy settings with elves, humans, big-dudes, little-people, furry people, etc.

Final Fantasy XIV expands details on the battle system {Massively}

Oct 7th 2010 2:08PM Eh, to be fair, FF14 gets crapped on in pretty much every comment section on Massively, no matter how many people rush to its defense! There are still Aion White Knights roaming around, too.

But, yeah, I think the fact that it is a SE product and a "Final Fantasy" sends some players into a frenzy. They will defend it for the sake of nostalgia and the brand name.

Guild Wars 2 designers answer player questions about armor, crafting, and Transmutation Stones {Massively}

Oct 7th 2010 2:04PM I agree, I really don't mind them charging for T. Stones. It would be cool if you were able to earn one or two through normal game play to give players the opportunity to try it before they spend the money on it. Otherwise, it's pretty much a vanity item and charging piecemeal for it is a fair way to turn extra profits.

Embark on the age of adventure: Win a copy of Final Fantasy XIV! {Massively}

Oct 7th 2010 1:58PM Oschon the Wanderer, I entertain the idea of playing a migrant conjurer/fisherman that follows the long path wherever it may lead him.