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Breakfast Topic: Gankster Poll {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 12:39PM lies

Breakfast Topic: Gankster Poll {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 12:35PM I regularly respec, once to three times a week. I have killed hundreds of low level tauren druids. Once I even killed a Cenarion Circle guard. Lawl. Lvl up nub.

15 Minutes of Fame: Hello Kiddie {WoW}

Apr 1st 2008 11:14AM ..... .... ......

Breakfast Topic: There goes the neighborhood {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 10:48AM I started out on a med pop realm with very stagnant raid progression.

This was pre-BC. So some friends and I rerolled ally for better pve raiding. We rerolled on a newer realm, but one that had been up for a month and had achieved and maintained a high pop even after new realms had opened up.

It was great to level and play there. I love it as I leveled over the summer. Ganking was quite rough sometimes, but meh all part of the growing pains. As I leveled to 60, the realm when to med, low... and finally recommended. Only 2 high end raiding guilds, one that raided during the day on weekdays and another that was non-english speaking. I once spent 3 weeks unable to find a group for any pre-70 outlands instance.

Shortly after TBC I transferred off to a high pop realm. It was simply put, amazing. Not only is it a great improvement over the low pop realm, but it is almost a completely different gaming experience compared to my med pop horde realm. There are annoyances of being on a full realm, but the benefits greatly out weight them. It is almost a completely different game.

Alot of people complain about Wow, I do too. But I think probably the only real problem with it, is that in order for it to be most fun and playable your realm needs to have a active population close to or maybe even higher than what blizzard servers can comfortably support. If you are on a medium pop realm, the game is still playable most times of year, but quite lackluster. If you are on a low pop realm, you're being ripped off.
I say ripped off, because blizz strands you there then gets to cop a $25 fee from you for access to the game as intended.

Of all the nerfs, buffs, and broken _____ people complain about. The true failing in wow is the population issues. Most of the game, particularly the “MM” [of mmo] part shuts down or fades on quite a few of blizzards realms. I guess it will be a good day when wow’s popularity decreases enough that blizzard fills like it is their responsibly to improve population issues instead of charging a fee for it.

At last it dropped {WoW}

Jan 29th 2008 1:23PM uh..... duh.

I mean. Did u just figure this out? Play wow much?

Comment #429 regarding wowinsider posters minimal experience playing wow.

I wouldnt be such a massive ass about that if you guys didnt regularly pontification on aspects of the game which you have a fleeting, if any, experience in.

I quit pugging shortly after I rolled/spec tanking. Yeah tanking IS fun. It's challenging and interesting and engaging.

Most tanks don't pug because pugs are random collections of horrible. Bad Pugs always hurt, but they are endurable as dps and sometimes even as healer. But tanking in pugs.... anyones mistakes ends up as ur mess and ur stress.

As a healer or dpser you can do you job even if others in the group suck, sometimes even compensate. 1 bad player can make a tanks job a nightmare.

Because their suck never ends with just their own death. If its a dpser, the will get healed and get the healer killed. If its a healer ur all doomed.

Tanking pugs in heroic.... masochism.

Blizz can add all the tanking classes it wants to the game, but their will still be a lack of them for pick up groups.

I enjoy tanking with a group of skilled players. I know who is and isnt in my guild. With pugs you never know. This is also the reason people are so pre-judgemental about what class/spec they will and will not take in a group.

Sure you maybe the leetest ret pally in the universe, but how do I know. Most likely your an idiot, the wrong class, the wrong spec, and in bad gear.

And if i am tanking, ur problem because my cluster****.

Forum Post of the Day: Snow mans weekly {WoW}

Dec 18th 2007 9:59AM just another example that the vast majority of people who play this game are mindless followers.

Alterac Valley is now awarding honor correctly {WoW}

Dec 8th 2007 4:53PM @ Megalomaniac, Anteia

The idea of casual and hardcore goes out the window when you want to talk about presenting information to people.

Would expect that a guy who sets up a sports blog have only passing knowledge about the teams, standing and stats? Or a person that sets up a political blog is rarely is up to date on all the political news?

The mere fact of running a webpage to present players with movies, addons, strats, tips, ideas, information, etc. kind of by definition means those presenting will have more knowledge about the topic on which they speak.

Wow insider..... inside wow, insider information? Not "The exciting world of Hellsfire Pen!!" Or "resilence? WTH!11"

Alterac Valley is now awarding honor correctly {WoW}

Dec 8th 2007 3:01PM Also I have honor gains on my scrolling combat text, and I rarely afk in bgs. So I knew right away when something was wrong.

Alterac Valley is now awarding honor correctly {WoW}

Dec 8th 2007 3:00PM Your right, I should have verified it myself especially when critisizing the post. I didn't care enough.

Obviously by the voting, most people would like to read the air head fluff that is posted regularly hear over actual information about the game.

I like pink hairs gnomes But NOT green, what do you think?

There are a few good sections here, like the addon / ui review, the movie watch and occasionally an interesting perspective on a class or spec.

The vast majority is fluff crap filler. I understand filler when there is nothing new, or when realms are down and people want something, anything to read so I usually hold my tongue.

But it seems to me more and more often. Certain posters are merely hit send after slapping down the first though that pops into their mind.

Fine for a commenter, but not so for a poster. BTW, when can we vote on posts?

Alterac Valley is now awarding honor correctly {WoW}

Dec 8th 2007 11:27AM Typical wowinsider post. They just noticed after it was fixed.
Is there at least ONE poster here that knows anything about the topic they are writing on?

This started late Thursday night. 10ish pm ETS.
Basically the towers where no long giving honor when they were capped.

It took blizz until the next morning to acknowledge it. Took them until 5pm Friday to "say" they fixed it. Turned out it wasn't fixed on most realms. Finally about 6-8pm Friday it was fixed.

Some people are speculating that blizz hot fixed AV without telling anyone. Some speculate the no honor for towers was an intended change. Though blizz says the oppopsite.

I believe that they tried to hotfix the fact that if you stay in AV past when the game is up you can get honor for any tower that caps [within the 2min window before your booted out]. What weird is I noticed that once blizz fixed the tower bug. I was getting LESS honor for tower caps after the game was up than for those during the game.

I haven't verified this with other players. So check it for yourself. But perhaps blizz tried to zero out the honor for post game caps and screwed up all towers. The quick fix might have been to give us reduce honor post game.

Like I said haven't had time to verify. Check for yourself.

[Thats how you make a post. Not "something happen, oh just found out, its over. It was something about something, lol. What do you think?"