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Psystar Open Computer notes, benchmarks and video {Engadget}

May 1st 2008 1:16PM It seems a pity it's so bad. If it had been a decent machine, maybe Apple would have had not only to mobilise lawyers but also do something about their recent woeful production engineering. (Every Mac I buy lasts half as long as the one before it...)

Of course, what I REALLY want is a Cell-based machine (PS3, perhaps) which can run PowerPC versions of Mac OS X, but with virtualisation still lets me build and run executables that use the Broadband Engines. How hard can it be? :-)

The Trojans are coming for the Horde! And the Alliance, too. {WoW}

Sep 14th 2007 3:22AM "There's more money to be made..."

Yes, but why did you choose to withhold the statistics on which this conclusion was based? I don't know you from Adam. For all I know, you could have just said that because you thought it sounded good.

I know from observing the cyber-criminals who forge my email addresses that pump and dump scams can net $10m in as little as three days - are you suggesting that ransacking virtual characters can top that? At what rate do you estimate virtual characters are being ransacked, and at what average value per character? Don't just waffle - report!

iPhoneSIMfree announces availability of iPhone unlock within 3 days {Engadget}

Aug 29th 2007 3:41AM Third-party hacks are all very well and good, but remember that you're still beholden to Apple to replace your phone when the touch screen goes dead. And, if it's been hacked, they're unlikely to do that.

As for Europe - well the Commission and numerous MEPs have already voiced their displeasure at the way you can't use iTunes across borders. Any attempt to play silly beggars in such a politically sensitive arena as mobile telecoms (think of the recent brouhaha over roaming charges) will make Apple an even more tempting bogeyman for them. I'd say in the long term they're more likely to deliver than hackers...