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GameStop plans 3,600 midnight openings for Mass Effect 3 {Joystiq}

Mar 1st 2012 2:11AM @quicksilverbalt

"Oh and there's nothing like having to occasional DB peel out in his civic/neon/cobalt/focus/generic 4 banger."

There's always one of them. I don't understand it. Kids these days. GET OFF MY LAWN.

"You would not believe the f*cking misogynistic, ignorant, basement-dwelling twat-talk that I have heard at midnight releases. It validates everything negative anyone has ever said about gamers as a whole."

This is an unbelievably accurate statement, and it saddens me. I like to consider myself a fairly tolerant person, but the hambeasts that infest these launches give "gamers" a bad name. It figures that the only times they come out of their basement is to pick up a game that the rest of us might want to play, too.

And then peel out in their Geo.

Syndicate broadcasts 10 minutes of gameplay {Joystiq}

Oct 15th 2011 11:37AM @blueskyv201

Well said. Couldn't agree more.

What's funny is that I came to the comments after watching the video expecting a bunch of people to be going "oh damn, this looks awesome," and instead found a bunch of entitled crybabies. :(

PSA: No, that Xbox 360 system update doesn't contain the new Dash {Joystiq}

Oct 11th 2011 10:51AM Oh, those dirty, filthy teases.

The bloody corporate future of Syndicate {Joystiq}

Sep 29th 2011 1:10PM @Koming

If F-Zero car can fly, why, when fly off track, not fly?

Thank you.

Gears of War 3 campaign DLC will focus on different cast {Joystiq}

Sep 28th 2011 10:46AM I'm actually somewhat surprised at this. I was thinking that the first DLC would feature Baird and Cole's trip to go find the reinforcements while Marcus and co. obtain the sub.

PSA: Xbox Live, currently down [update] {Joystiq}

Sep 13th 2011 9:31AM I should probably just go ahead and change all my passwords and cancel my credit cards now, right?

Dead Island launch trailer brings the piano back {Joystiq}

Aug 31st 2011 12:20PM @Hawaii Jeff

I would generally agree with you, but Deus Ex had a review embargo, which made everyone (including me) nervous, and the game turned out to be amazing. It may have been the exception that proves the rule, but I try not to base my anticipation for a game on some legal/marketing crap regarding the date and time that reviews are allowed to go live.

XCOM inducing singularities on March 6, 2012 {Joystiq}

Jun 3rd 2011 8:46AM Boner alert.

Rock Band Weekly: Culture Club, Loverboy, STP, Phish and Faith No More {Joystiq}

Apr 29th 2011 2:21PM @Papsky

I still play it 3 or 4 times a week. Pro drums, mostly. It's a great outlet after a shitty day of work. The DLC lately has been a bit underwhelming, but this round (excluding the Phish) looks pretty excellent.

Can't fault Harmonix for not week-to-week catering to my musical preference, though. It can't be NIN and STP every week. :)

Watch 12 minutes of gorgeous Battlefield 3 gameplay {Joystiq}

Apr 16th 2011 1:12PM Outstanding. I wonder if it'll have campaign co-op? Seems like it would fit perfectly.