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New war games mode for arenas and battlegrounds {WoW}

Dec 13th 2010 9:48PM The only way to win is to play, perfectly, waiting for your opponent to make a mistake.

The Lawbringer: Schwarzenegger v. EMA {WoW}

Nov 12th 2010 9:57AM This always looks very odd to me in the UK we have these laws, retailers who sell adult content to children get heavy fines or even shut down just as if they had sold drugs or alcohol to children.
Ratings are done by the BBFC and can be seen here:
Based on levels of violence, horror, sex and crime, just the same as film ratings.

This isn't stopping adults from doing anything it's stopping retailers from selling inappropriate content to children. When I was a child (12 I think) I asked my dad to buy me Doom 2, it was an 18 at the time, he new me well enough to make the decision that I was mature enough for it and bought it on my behalf. What is so shocking about a law that helps parents control what their children have access to?

Blizzard introduces Dial-in Authenticator {WoW}

Nov 10th 2010 5:33AM First way to beat it off the top of my head: If the username/password was obtained via a keylogger then it would be a trivial task to add a proxy to the keylogger so it looks like you are logging in from that machine.

An interesting idea however, should at least fox the casual phish.

The Lawbringer: Real money transactions and some eBay history {WoW}

Oct 16th 2010 7:39AM Yeah I've got that teen-aged UO playing past too, I would acquire millions of gold and valuable real estate by just playing the game. Though I don't recall weapons selling much the housing market was very profitable and surprisingly fun.

The current state of what are essentially sweatshops in china is kinda sad because for me as a young middle class brit it was my first taste of financial responsibility and was not only able to cover my game subscriptions and internet costs but also the £300 a quarter phone bills I was getting because back when internet involved dialling premium rate numbers. Your time spent on-line was basically one big phone call (and they were charged by the minute in the UK). Eventually my mum made me get my own phone line the main one was always engaged. :)

WRUP: Worgen or goblin? {WoW}

Oct 10th 2010 8:22AM The goblin fem dance looks like she is trying to fend off invisible ninjas! Call that dancing, why in my day.. /old.

Still goblins all the way I don't want my raids smelling of wet dog!

Cataclysm Beta: Engineers provide new version of Great Feast {WoW}

Sep 19th 2010 3:46PM Like all of the finest goblin engineering the BBQ has a critical failure chance with explosive results but you wont find out until the next morning!

Cataclysm Beta: Worgen female models {WoW}

Sep 19th 2010 12:39PM These ones look a lot less cat-like than the last ones :)

Cataclysm Beta: New mounts and companion pets in build 12984 {WoW}

Sep 18th 2010 9:06AM What? My goblin can fly, just go to a trainer who isn't racist. (Dalaran, K3, others...)

Breakfast Topic: Would you list WoW experience on your resume? {WoW}

Sep 14th 2010 8:54AM It's worked for me in the past, it's one sentence near the end of my CV in a section called Interests and Activities. I also talk about my pub quiz team, going to games festivals, skiing, cycling, climbing and sailing.

'I am a member of an extensive global games group; I support other members and help organise a 25 man team who regularly play together and act as a mentor to new users.'

Just be prepared to summarise it in a few sentences in the interview and make sure there is more to you than just playing games, don't use games for more than one of the competency based questions.

Rumor: Cataclysm targeted for a November 2 release date {WoW}

Sep 13th 2010 12:47PM Nooo! It will be pushed back by 1 week so my prediction was right! :P