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Breakfast Topic: How is the alt coming along? {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2007 1:51PM Since 2.3 I have made a level 41 warlock from 1, and a level 45 priest from 1. And that's with play 2-3 hours a day. The new exp bonus is pretty good, but like a lot of people are saying, they have dumbed down the game so much it's hard to play. Every damn quest item in the game sparkles and you can see if from a mile away, that is if it doesn't put a giant question mark on your minimap.

And for you people saying "I hope I get to 70 before Wotlk".. We still have 2.3.2 2.4, and a few more patchs before Wolk, you probably have about a year to get to 70, I think you can handle it :P

Spiritual Guidance: The shadow diaries {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 4:22AM There are two Breadcrumb quests in that part of the world. One is to take a necklace to Lady Silvanas in Undercity, and you get the other one to go to Orgrimar after you finish the deathholme chain. I have never had trouble getting a group for the deatholme chain (Considering the rewards are amzing for that level). Also, blackout is where you should have put those other points, shadow focus isn't worth it until much later. 5 Spirit Tap, 3 Blackout, 2 Imp Pain, Mind Flay.

Does your faction matter? {WoW}

Sep 20th 2007 11:53AM I have chacters on both sides. Mainly I started playing after my husband did and he had several on the horde and made a new character just to level with me and help me with the game. Well he had problems guild wise on his main and he wanted a druid. His problem was he HATES Taurens! He thinks they take up to much of is screen and can't stand looking at them. (I had a tauren warrior lol I think they are hilarious) So in his off time he made a NE Druid and I realized I hated tanking sooo... I made a draenei shammy (and i have to say draenei chicks are the most attractive!) and loved it. Although I have noticed things are EXTREMELY expensive on the Alliance side. I just couldn't believe it and my husband tried doing some research and looking on other servers too see if the inflation was the same, and of course it was. Either way I love horde and alliance equally. They both have great qualities but the immaturity is the same on both sides, really!

Breakfast Topic: Best way out of a bad group {WoW}

Sep 15th 2007 10:31AM Being an elemental shaman I know I pull aggro sometimes. But usually I let off my shocks to give the tank and chance to get it back. Well in Blood Furnace the other day he wouldn't get it back(my first time with a pally tank)!! So trying to make things easier I ask the group what they want me to do about my aggro, what totems they prefer etc. No response. And none of them had KTM, when I asked them about it, no response. The group leader kept going on about how team speak is a guild must and how I am a bad player for not using it but they weren't using it at the time since only 2 of them were guildies. But they don't have KTM (or anything else that will tell them their threat)?! I tried so hard not to pull aggro but I kept getting it, I had the repair twice and we FINALLY cleared the second boss and all agreed that we were done. Although we did have a decent healer, I'll give them that.

Breakfast Topic: Chose your realm {WoW}

Sep 14th 2007 10:19AM I am on a PvE Server. I just like to do my thing uninterrupted. I was trying to run and instance the other day and someone in the group was flagged. Of course there were several horde just waiting the kill him on his way. Took an extra 20 minutes just to start. And why is it someone always asks to duel when I am in the middle of something, or trying to hearth? I just hate PvP.

Breakfast Topic: Your least favorite instance {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 10:10AM I absolutely hate SM! All of them. Maybe it's because I have always had bad pug's for it but I can't stand it. I also hate Sunken Temple because of the tight camera.

Reader WoWspace of the Week: Sheepsu {WoW}

Sep 10th 2007 1:04PM He's not the only one with guitars in his wow space... Why have them there you ask? Well it gives you something to fiddle with waiting on people to get to the instance, or flying from place to place! lol

Helping newbies, errrm, noobs, errrm, nubs, errrm... {WoW}

Sep 8th 2007 10:58AM I am a noob myself, I have a lvl 41 warrior, and found out I hate tanking. So I made a shaman and love it. I am lvl 57 now, and I get alot of help from my husband but is usually too busy to help me. I have no guild and I have only been through an instance because my husband ran me through it (Sunken Temple and Zul Furrak). It's hard to find help! and when people see that your not in a guild they think your a gold farmer or something and completely ignore you. I almost fear getting to 70 because I have never done a raid before and I don't want to be the reason we wiped!

Breakfast Topic: What does that mean? {WoW}

Sep 8th 2007 10:37AM I have been playing WoW for only a few months. And I have really caught on to most abbreviations surprisingly enough. Although I am lucky to have a husband who has been playing for years to turn to and say "what the hell does that mean??" Most abbreviations have a set meaning, FTW = For The Win, but sometimes I run into people just making up their own abbreviations for words that don't necessarily need them just to save time. That's when I get really confused.

Ninja inviting is a no-no {WoW}

Sep 6th 2007 6:35PM I think it is highly rude to ninja invite! I do not doubt that many people believe so, I have even found add on's that help you avoid ninja invites. And what happened to looking at the armory to find out some one's spec?? Since I am an enhancement shaman I get "nvr mind" ALL the time. Now a days if I get the "WHUT SPEC IZ U??" I reply "" lol. Normally if out grinding specific NPC's for a quest I generally like to do it alone. Unless there is a particularly hard quest and it would make my life much easier with help. If I happen to be scoping out an NPC, or an escort quest that I find I might have trouble with if some one is in the area I might say "you need him/her too?" and take it from there. And maybe even add that I asked just so I don't ninja the NPC in case they need him. I hate having to wait for respawns!So I try to avoid doing that to other people. But if someone happens to be standing by killing the same thing you are, and ninja invites, I decline and run away and find something else to do I hate it so much.