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I know selling leveling guides isn't new, but who in their right mind would BUY one? {WoW}

Oct 13th 2007 11:16PM I bought one of these guides. The main reason was that I was new to World of Warcraft and I was finding that the NPCs don't give you much information other than "this is what I need you to do." Great! Unless I know more I can't really help you.

Take the dwarven quest line, for example. You get to Loch Modan and you run out of quests quickly. Even if you manage to work your way through those difficult quests, you'll probably only be 18 or 19 before you finish. That'll leave you with the group quests that are sometimes difficult to find a group for or nothing at all. You have to be level 20, I think, to get the quest that takes you to Wetlands.

Meanwhile, when you DO get quests they don't give you enough information. One guy says run to Stormwind and get my shield. That's fine, WHERE'S STORMWIND!?! A new player has no idea and he just runs south to find a gate that's locked or worse yet runs into the lands near Uldaman.

I really wanted to roleplay my way through the first time, but the NPCs don't really give you enough information. Brian's guide helped me with where to go next. He basically skips Loch Modan and runs you to Ashenvale. That doesn't make sense from a RP standpoint, but then again neither does just standing around levelling up and running back into town every level just to see if there's a quest giver now.

Breakfast Topic: Your 51-point talents {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 10:23AM I'd love to see some high level talents that further the distance from the other trees. We need more and more specialization. I'd love to see a protection warrior talent like:

Heavy Plate - Your character can now wearest the heaviest armors ever crafted. Talent increases mitigation by 35%, reduces movement speed by 25%.

Or how about a warlock ability like:

The Dark Side - Your love for the shadow arts has gone beyond what mere mortals can fathom. Increases shadow damage by 50%. You must choose two spells from the other schools to lose permanently.

After all, we're talking about EXTREME specialization when you spend that many points to delve into a specific talent tree. Why shouldn't a character be distances from the other two?

Plus, I think this would help people fulfil the image of their character in their heads. Do people really imagine a protection warrior as someone that moves just as fast as a barbarian style warrior?