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Officers' Quarters: 2.3 postmortem {WoW}

Nov 26th 2007 8:12PM Honor Heroics makes life fun. So half the ppl that run them now are still in some greens, but really, take the bull by the horns and go after it, in the end that green turns to purple.

@2 so your a big bad purple eating machine that pugs heroics all day, is that the best you got? Considering even someone i greens gets lucky some days and whoops your ass in PvP i beat.

The Light and How To Swing It: Surviving 1-20 as a pally {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2007 2:00AM QQ at all of you! Ally is just mad cause Horde recieved Pally which is a good class and now they get stuck with a sucky ass dying bread of shaman.

Last I checked in raids lolpallys were screaming at our druids for intervate....whats that @8 you can outlast a druid, hmmm wonder why, INTERVATE I NEED IT NOW, my leet heals cant heal you, insert druid at top of healing chart.

The Light and How To Swing It: Surviving 1-20 as a pally {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2007 1:55AM @8 LOL wtf 3 lv 70 pallies l2play, or someone needs to teach you how to respec and get bigger bags for different gear.

The Light and How To Swing It: Surviving 1-20 as a pally {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2007 12:39AM @7 LOL tis true. Besides 90% of lolpallies are used for healing, sure they have straight up heals, but as a druid I will out last them on mana anyday.

This is not to say they dont do good as off tanks and yes some can tank, but those are few and far between, I would still choose a WAR/Druid over a pally any day to tank cause I dont have to worry about them running out of mana in raids.

To me Pally is a good starter toon if you have never played WoW before,A. you can survive stupid gankers, by bubbeling and hearthing, B. You can heal yourself, C. you can wear plate so you can refer back to A. and D. you get a free mount.

The Light and How To Swing It: Surviving 1-20 as a pally {WoW}

Nov 22nd 2007 12:33AM You all should roll a class that actually isnt a joke class behind a bunch of armor. Lets face it man up or woman up, roll a priest or a warrior or druid, cause as alot of ppl see your your lolpally, OMG I got hit bubble hearth, damn im safe now, oh no I have to wait my CD isnt up on my bubble.

Women in raids {WoW}

Oct 30th 2007 2:01AM Who cares if its male or female raiding, cause guess what you can have homo happy charlie over there raiding on a female toon posing as a female while wearing his moms panties for shits and giggles. No one cares anymore, wipe or no wipe, attitude or no attitude, ppl care more about gear than who the hell they play with. If you know your job, and you do your job shit you can be a gnomish eskimo bear hugging hippy for all i give from the planet zeon. Hell a monkey can play a toon and raid with me if they do their job is that so hard to ask. Why make it a sex topic!

Money money money by the pound {WoW}

Oct 29th 2007 9:49PM I must admit 3 70s later and farming I recieved enough gold to finally get one of them a epic flyer, was it worth it, hell yes it was, cause within the first week off of dailes and misc quest im already back up to 1500+g. I still farm on my other toons too, But in all honesty mining, skinning + dailies has = the cash crop for me. Sad thing is once i get enough gold im going to go blow it on getting my enginerring up but oh well.

Another option for new content: factional class flipping? {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 8:05AM For the love of all things unholy and horde, can we really sit here and phantom the idea of what a dwarf would look like as a druid or what a tauren would look like as a mage, who cares you know why the game would still be the same, people would complain oh locks are still over powered, oh thats BS that this stupid lolpally is healdeathing me as I try to kill him near mobs.

@30 atleast you have the right mind set, if Blizz is gonna worry about how to please little boys and girls cause their gnome cant be a druid or priest then kiss what we have already going for us goodbye. They patched sounds, okay still missed alot, still getting echos and extended sounds when killing mobs, cant figure out why dark iron dwarfs and kegs are spawning in the wrong place, cant make FPs straighter cause that would make scense, When you have to update the new update patch and in 2wks your going to put another update out for the same patch and if they didnt release some new content in the game Im sure we would all be looking at Patch subgraph E by now.

Dont make Blizz keep rushing stuff out, let them fix the crap they already have problems with, and are trying to have come out by next year and then give them another year to get all those bugs worked out. About that time when everyone is loosing interest in wow, then spring something like this in game and bring back old customers and keep the ones you got going now.

Another option for new content: factional class flipping? {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 2:37AM I dont see why we cant do this as well. I came from FFXI before playing wow and you can lv 1 toon all jobs to 75 plus have sub jobs. Like the post said some people just dont really know what they want to be end game. I did like the option of being able to change on a dime from going from tank to heal if needed for the group.

Dont get me wrong, each time I lv a new toon, I learn more and more, find new quest that I over looked and basically just build up a whole new identity on that toon. If im on my troll hunter i act different from when im on my UD mage. I dont know maybe Im old school and like lving a new toon.

Look at the bright side of lving a whole new toon you can ditch your guild and get away from it all for awhile.

Patch 2.2.2 is live {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2007 3:50PM I wont complain to much about the new GYs but at the same time they should still fix the flight paths for pre BC area. It shouldnt take me 6 stops to go to the next zone when a straight shot would get me there in 2mins instead of 10 or more. Boost the cost if need be we are all sick of the wait to fly from one zone to the next.